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Six Flags Ride Guide 2011

What's New for the 2011 Season at Six Flags Parks


Six Flags Ride Guide 2011

Dare Devil Dive, a "euro fighter" coaster coming to Six Flags Over Georgia, will be among the new Six Flags rides for the 2011 season.

Six Flags.
Updated January 09, 2013
2011 marks the 50th anniversary of Six Flags. The theme park chain began with the opening of Six Flags Over Texas in 1961. Since then, it has expanded (and sometimes contracted) to include regional, seasonal parks throughout North America.

At the time this was published, anniversary plans weren't finalized (check back for updates), but it's clear that there will be plenty of new Six Flag rides for 2011. The previous management team (which exited during the 2010 season) had pledged to debut new rides, shows, and attractions at every park to mark the 50th birthday bash. It's likely there will at least be anniversary festivities at all locations, perhaps with a focus on the original Texas park.

There are some wild-sounding new coasters rolling out, particularly at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California and Six Flags Over Georgia. Along with some revitalized coasters, including The Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas and the repurposed Green Lantern coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, Six Flags will keep its focus pretty much where it has been for most of the past half-century: on roller coasters and other thrills.


The Six Flags Ride Guide is arranged alphabetically by U.S. state. Montreal's La Ronde and Six Flags Mexico follow at the end of the list.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo (near San Francisco), CA
A spinning swing ride, SkyScreamer will rise 150 feet into the air and reach speeds of 43 mph.

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, CA
Green Lantern coaster, revamped Superman: Escape from Krypton coaster, and Little Flash
With an additional two coasters coming in 2011, Magic Mountain will have a total of 18 and will reclaim the world's record for most number of coasters at one park.


Six Flags Over Georgia
Austell (near Atlanta), GA
Dare Devil Dive
A "Euro-Fighter" model, the sleek new roller coaster will lift single cars straight up a 95-foot top-hat tower, pause them at the top, then send them down a beyond-straight drop at 52 mph. A series of acrobatic maneuvers will follow.

Six Flags White Water
Marietta (near Atlanta), GA
Nothing new announced to date for the water park.


Six Flags Great America
Gurnee, IL
Riptide Bay
The water park, Hurricane Harbor (which is included in the general admission to Six Flags Great America), will be getting bigger with a new area that will feature a new FlowRider surfing attraction, new water slides, and and an activity pool with watery diversions for younger visitors.


Six Flags America
Mitchellville, MD (near Washington, D.C.)
Zoomazon Falls
New Amazon rainforest themed attraction at Hurricane Harbor, the water park that is included with admission to Six Flags America, will offer riders a choice of four body slides. Six Flags America will also welcome four new shows including two based on popular television programs, Survivor Live! and Bob the Builder Live.


Six Flags New England
Agawam, MA (near Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT)
Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum
Transplanted from the shuttered Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, where it was known as Road Runner Express, the Wild Mouse-style coaster will climb about 50 feet, reach a top speed of 28 mph, and feature characteristic hairpin turns.
Also coming to Six Flags New England: Survivor Live
An interactive stage show based on the TV series comes to the park this season.


Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, near (...come on, you know what city it's near)
A spinning swing ride, SkyScreamer will rise 236 feet into the air and reach speeds of 43 mph.


Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ
Green Lantern
Not to be confused with the same-named ride coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain, this standup coaster is another attraction salvaged from the shuttered Kentucky Kingdom. It will climb 154 feet and hit 63 mph when it drops 144 feet.


The Great Escape
Queensbury (near Lake George), New York
Nothing new announced to date


Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, TX
Lone Star Spectacular
The park will introduce new nighttime fireworks and laser show.

Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington (near Dallas), TX
The Texas Giant
The famed wooden coaster will get a major overhaul when its aging wooden tracks will be replaced with prefabricated steel tracks. The "new" Texas Giant, which will be a hybrid wood/steel coaster, should be quite smooth.


La Ronde
Montreal, Quebec
Nothing new announced to date


Six Flags Mexico
Mexico City
Terminator X
A new laser battle attraction, based on the Terminator movies, is expected to debut in 2011.
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