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New Rides at Six Flags 2013

Roller Coasters, Water Park Rides, Shows, and More


New Rides at Six Flags 2013

Iron Rattler, the transformed coaster that will open at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, is among what's new at Six Flags parks for 2013.

Six Flags.
Updated February 21, 2013
Continuing the trend that the company established last year, every park in the Six Flags chain will be introducing something new for the 2013 season. That's not to say that your local park will necessarily be getting a major, pulse-pounding coaster (although some parks do have some white-knuckle monsters on the way), but you can expect some shiny new goodie awaiting you on your next visit.

"New" may not be the most accurate term for some of the additions. Two of the coasters, for example, will actually be older rides relocated from other parks that will be rechristened with different names, fresh coats of paint, and new leases on life. But they will be new experiences for guests at their new home parks. And speaking of a new lease on life, another Six Flags coaster will be getting a major makeover that will transform it into a near record-breaker of a ride.

Among the highlights will be Full Throttle, a highly unique ride that will be making its way to coaster-crazy Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. The launched coaster will make great use of its mega loop -- which just happens to be the world's tallest. igNight will light up the evenings at Six Flags Great America with what appears will be an ambitious, high-tech show. At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the signature Rattler coaster will undergo a radical overhaul that will change it into a tricked-out wood-steel hybrid ride. These and more developments are noted below.

In addition to the Six Flags announcements, many other parks have great things in store for the season. Find out what's happening at What's New at Theme Parks and Amusement Parks.


Arranged alphabetically by U.S. state. Canada's La Ronde and Six Flags Mexico can be found at the end of the list.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo (near San Francisco), CA
Cirque Dreams Splashtastic
Following the phenomenal success of Cirque de Soleil, similar shows, which combine circus acts with clever staging, have cropped up. While it will not be affiliated with the popular Montreal-based troupe, expect similar acrobatic feats of derring-do. The show will be presented in the park's Dolphin Harbor Theater and will choreograph the human aerialists and other performers along with the marine life stars.

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, CA
Full Throttle
There are lots of other coasters at Magic Mountain (an astonishing 17, in fact), but none will compare to its latest and greatest thrill machine. It's a bit hard to succinctly describe, but the ride will incorporate the world's tallest loop and send passengers soaring both inside and outside its 160-foot element. While that is enough crazy for any coaster, it will also magnetically launch riders not once, not twice, but a total of three face-melting times.


Six Flags Over Georgia
Austell (near Atlanta), GA
The enormous spinning swing ride will ascend 240 scream-inducing feet and reach speeds of 40 mph. Hang on!

Six Flags White Water
Marietta (near Atlanta), GA
Typhoon Twister
The water park will be getting a bowl ride that will send four-passenger cloverleaf tubes hurtling down a 50-foot drop into an open bowl where they will swish around a few times before being dumped into a splash pool.


Six Flags Great America
Gurnee, IL
igNIGHT -- Grand Finale
The park hasn't provided a whole bunch of details, but it appears that its new kiss-goodnight show will incorporate fireworks, digital imagery projections, live performers (who, I believe will include the impressive Team iLuminate that was featured at other Six Flags parks in 2012), lasers, and more.


Six Flags America
Mitchellville, MD (near Washington, D.C.)
Bonzai Pipelines
Hurricane Harbor, the onsite water park that is included with admission to Six Flags America, will be getting six water slides that will each start with a 65-foot tall "Drenaline Drop" launch chamber and send riders soaring through 250 feet of enclosed tube nuttiness that will feature a 360-degree loop.


Six Flags New England
Agawam, MA (near Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT)
Bonzai Pipelines
See Six Flags America above, which will be getting a similar ride at its water park.


Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, near, would you believe it, St. Louis
This is one of the parks that will be getting a relocated ride. The boomerang-style shuttle coaster (hence, the lazy name) used to be known as Flashback when it shuttled riders at Six Flags Over Texas.


Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ
Amusement park and safari park merge plus Big Wave Racer
For years, Six Flags' New Jersey campus has had three separate parks: the Great Adventure theme park, Hurricane Harbor water park, and the Wild Safari animal park. For 2013, the safari and the theme park will become one enormous park (Six Flags says it will be the world's largest park) and charge a single fee. Instead of maintaining the drive-through experience, the park will instead take guests through the animal park on 35-passenger safari trucks. Passengers will be able to depart the vehicles and explore the new Camp Aventura.

The water park (which will still require a separate admission) will get a new slide complex, Big Wave Racer, which will pit riders on toboggan-like vehicles against one another for a multi-lane race.


The Great Escape
Queensbury (near Lake George), New York
Screamin’ Eagles
The spinning ride, a variation of the classic Flying Scooters, will allow passengers to pilot their own vehicles by adjusting its rudder and causing dips and dives.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, TX
Iron Rattler
The park is giving one of its signature coasters a major overhaul by re-profiling it, adding a much longer drop, and replacing its traditional wooden track with an innovative "Iron Horse" steel track. It has the potential of turning a troubled ride into a glorious coaster experience.

Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington (near Dallas), TX
Texas SkyScreamer
Like the spinning swing ride coming to Six Flags Over Georgia (and a staple at other parks), but Texas-sized. This behemoth is going to rise -- gulp -- 400 feet into the air.


La Ronde
Montreal, Quebec
Aqua Twist
If you don't want to get wet, er, soaked, you should probably steer clear of this one. Six super-soaker-equipped passengers in each of nine boats will get to fire and be fired upon.


Six Flags Mexico
Mexico City
A Batman-themed coaster that will feature spinning cars, this ride used to be known as Pandemonium when it was at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California.
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