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Six Flags Great Adventure Green Lantern Coaster Preview

Will You be Able to Stand Up to the Green Lantern Roller Coaster?


Six Flags Great Adventure Green Lantern Coaster Preview

The Green Lantern roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure will send passengers soaring through five inversions--al while standing up.

Six Flags, 2010. Used with permission.
Six Flags Great Adventure has an impressive array of thrill machines, but it's been missing a type of ride that is a staple at many parks: the standup coaster. That hole will be plugged in 2011 when the New Jersey park introduces Green Lantern.

Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure Stats

  • Type of coaster: Standup
  • Height: 154 feet
  • First drop: 144 feet
  • Top speed: 63 mph
  • Number of inversions: 5
  • Track length: 4155 feet
  • Ride time: 2:30

See Six Flags Great Adventure's Green Lantern

You May Want to Sit Down for This

With a soaring height of 154 feet, a 45-degree drop of 144 feet, and a total of five inversions, you may want to sit down for Green Lantern. But you won't be able to. When guests load onto the ride, they will be instructed to stand in one of the designated spots atop an adjustable bicyclye-style seat. For the uninitiated, it will be an odd sensation to leave the station in a standing position.

It'll be an even odder sensation to experience coaster elements while standing up. After the initial drop, Green Lantern will immediately enter into an immense, 122-foot loop that is bound to impart some intense negative G-forces. I'd imagine the over-the-shoulder restraints will momentarily bear down on riders and pin their feet to the floor as the forces of gravity do their thing. The dive loop and inclined loop that will follow will surely pour on additional, albeit less intense, negative Gs.

It appears that the second half of the ride will be considerably less interesting. After a mid-course brake run, Green Lantern will navigate a couple of corkscrews and some other minor elements before returning to the station.

While Six Flags Great Adventure is billing the ride as "new," it's actually a recycled coaster that dates back to 1997 at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom where it was known as Chang. Six Flags pulled out of the Kentucky park in 2009 and closed it as part of the debt-laden company's restructuring plan. It left most of the park's other coasters behind, and Kentucky Kingdom may reopen in 2011 under new owners.

Green Lantern will sport an electric green track with darker green-colored trains. Other than the color scheme, it doesn't appear that the coaster will have any Green Lantern themeing (unlike, say, the more heavily themed Terminator: The Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain). The slightly obscure DC Comic hero will be featured in a major motion picture starring Ryan Reynolds that's set to debut in June 2011. Expect Six Flags to capitalize on the movie's spotlight when it opens its Green Lantern coaster around the same time.

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