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Ride 'em Cowboy--New Coaster Coming to Valleyfair in 2007

Preview of Renegade, the coaster debuting at Valleyfair in Shakopee, Minnesota


Ride 'em Cowboy--New Coaster Coming to Valleyfair in 2007

Renegade rides into Valleyfair in 2007.

Valleyfair 2006. Used with permission.
Updated March 30, 2007
The Old West comes to Minnesota? You betcha. Valleyfair theme park will be rolling out the new cowboy-themed Renegade wood coaster in 2007. It won't break any records, nor will it feature anything particularly groundbreaking. In fact, apart from the pressure-treated bare wood (as opposed to the white-painted wood on classic coasters), Renegade will be a fairly old-school ride. But it looks like it will have a wild layout with some great features and should be a fun addition to Valleyfair's coaster arsenal.

Renegade Stats

  • Type of coaster: Wood
  • Height: 104 feet
  • First drop: 91 feet
  • Top speed: 52 mph
  • Track length: 3113 feet
  • Ride time: 2:00 minutes
More Renegade Info

Westward Whoa!

The new coaster, to be built by Great Coasters International, will use 24-passenger trains manufactured by Millennium Flyer. The company has been getting rave reviews for its sleek, smooth-riding wood coaster trains, so Renegade riders should be in for a treat. The Old West-themed ride will chug out of the station and climb a 104-foot lift hill. Instead of heading straight down, the first drop will twist sharply in one direction, then the other. That should create some potent lateral G-forces (pushing riders side to side), but will likely place a bit of a damper on acceleration and speed. Valleyfair estimates Renegade will reach a respectable--but not bugs-in-your-teeth--speed of 52 mph.

It will then climb a second hill and deliver a burst of airtime before entering an out-and-back-style turnaround. Borrowing elements from a twister-style coaster, Renegade will next veer into and under its track for a low-to-the-ground S-turn. Renegade will offer some more airtime hills, turn and twist into itself a couple more times, and roar past the queue with a station fly-by before turning back one last time into the station.

Sister park, Ohio's Cedar Point, will debut a new coaster next season, Maverick that will also feature ground-hugging maneuvers (which make relative speeds, with the terrain rushing past, seem faster than elements delivered at higher elevations) as well as an Old-West theme.

To view pictures of Valleyfair's new coaster, go to the Renegade Preview Photo Gallery. Animated preview videos of the ride include an aerial view, a point-of-view perspective, and a mixed-perspective off-ride sequence.

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