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Roller Coaster Ride Guide 2008

A guide and overview to the new roller coasters debuting in North America


Roller Coaster Ride Guide 2008

The $26-million Behemoth hypercoaster is coming to Canada's Wonderland.

Cedar Fair, 2007. Used with permission.
The Coaster Ride Guide 2008 is arranged alphabetically by U.S. state. This page includes parks from New York to Virginia, plus Canada. The preceding page includes parks from California to New Jersey.


Darien Lake
Darien Lake (near Buffalo), New York
Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster
The launched coaster will forego a traditional lift hill and use magnetic motors to accelerate from 0 to 30 mph in three seconds. Instead of a traditional coaster train, MotoCoaster riders will sit two across atop motorcycle-style seats. The Teutul family, owners of Orange County Choppers (OCC) and stars of the Learning Channel's popular American Chopper, will partner with the park for the coaster.


Frontier City
Oklahoma City, OK
Steel Lasso inverted coaster
An inverted coaster, the trains will be suspended from the track and will allow riders to dangle their legs ski-lift style. At a maximum height of 49 feet and a top speed of 30 mph, the coaster will fall firmly in the "family" category and should keep the thrills tolerable for all but the most wimpy park-goers.


DelGrosso's Amusement Park
Tipton, PA
Unnamed steel looping coaster
This is a transplanted coaster from Libertyland in Tennessee, where it was known as Revolution.

Dorney Park
Allentown, PA
Voodoo impulse coaster
This is the same twisted impulse coaster that thrilled riders at Ohio's defunct Geauga Lake (where it was known as Steel Venom).

Hershey, PA
Fahrenheit steel vertical lift looping coaster
The unique ride's first drop will be at 97 degrees. (97 degrees. Fahrenheit. Get it?) That's negative 7 degrees greater than a 90-degree straight drop. Yikes!

Elysburg, PA
Flying Turns
The Flying Turns will re-create the bobsled-like wooden coasters that were popular decades ago. The delayed ride was supposed to have opened two seasons ago.

Erie, PA
Ravine Flyer II wooden coaster
A modern-day sequel of the classic Ravine Flyer, the hybrid ride will use a steel structure and a wood track to rise 80 feet and drop 119 feet at 60 degrees into its namesake ravine.


Hard Rock Park
Myrtle Beach, SC
The new Hard Rock Park will present five new coasters and other attractions themed to world of rock and roll when it opens in Spring 2008.
Led Zeppelin--The Ride-A 150-foot tall looping coaster
Maximum RPM!- Single cars will look like convertible roadsters. Instead of a lift hill, it will use a unique Ferris wheel-like lift mechanism.
Midnight Rider- A mine train-style family coaster set to country rock music.
Slippery When Wet- Look out below! Riders in this suspended coaster will be able to drop water bombs onto guests walking through the midway.
Shake, Rattle & Rollercoaster- A junior coaster with a 50's rock beat.


Lubbock, TX
Unnamed steel looping coaster
This is a transplanted coaster from Texas' defunct Six Flags Astroworld, where it was known as Greezed Lightnin'.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, TX
Goliath inverted coaster
While Six Flags is hyping the new coaster coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, it's not exactly new. A clone of the Batman: The Ride inverted coasters that first debuted at Six Flags Great America near Chicago, the thrill machine coming to Texas initially appeared in 1995 at a Japanese amusement park. Despite its grandiose name, the ride that will now be known as Goliath will be relatively puny compared to other Six Flags coasters that share the name. Read more about Goliath.

Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington (near Dallas), TX
Tony Hawk's Big Spin coaster
A family-friendly spinning coaster themed to the famous skateboarder.

Wonderland Amusement Park
Amarillo, TX
Unnamed junior steel coaster
This is a transplanted coaster from Texas' defunct Six Flags Astroworld, where it was known as the Mayan Mindbender, a mild indoor coaster.


Kings Dominion
Doswell, VA
Dominator floorless coaster
This is a transplanted coaster from Ohio's defunct Geauga Lake, where it was also known as Dominator.


Canada's Wonderland
Maple, Ontario, just outside Toronto
Behemoth hypercoaster
This 230-foot giant is being manufactured by Swiss-based Bolliger & Mabillard, known for its super-smooth coasters.

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