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2007 Roller Coaster Ride Guide

A guide and overview to the new roller coasters debuting in North America


2007 Roller Coaster Ride Guide

Griffon, a floorless, diving coaster is coming to Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, VA.

Busch Entertainment, 2007. Used with permission.
Updated June 12, 2007
The roller coaster wars of the past few years, during which parks were battling with one another to lay claim to the tallest and fastest thrill machines, appears to have entered into a period of detente--at least for 2007. While there aren't any record-breaking coasters rolling out this season, there are some exciting new rides to discover. No matter where you may live throughout North America or where your vacation travels may be taking you this year, there's bound to be a wild new roller coaster awaiting you.

The guide is arranged alphabetically by U.S. state.


Knott's Berry Farm
Buena Park, CA
Sierra Sidewinder
A spinning coaster is coming to Knott's in 2007.


Busch Gardens Africa
Tampa, FL
This diving coaster is not new (it debuted in 2005), but it is getting new floorless cars this season.

Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
Winter Haven, FL
Saved from the shuttered Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Florida, the circa-1963 woodie will get a new lease on life at Cypress Gardens starting in 2007.


Shakopee (near the Twin Cities), MN
Wood coaster


Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka ((near...oh come on, you know what city it's near), MO
Tony Hawk's Big Spin
Spinning coaster


Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Double-launched terrain coaster Kings Island
Mason (near Cincinnati), Ohio
Firehawk and Son of Beast
Firehawk is a flying coaster that will be new to Kings Island this season, but will be relocated from Geauga Lake (where it was known as X-Flight). Also, Son of Beast, the world's tallest wood coaster, will be losing its signature loop.


Elysburg, PA
Flying Turns
The Flying Turns will re-create the bobsled-like wooden coasters that were popular decades ago.


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Mystery Mine
Highly themed coaster and dark ride.


Lubbock, TX
Greezed Lightnin'? (The park may rename the coaster.)
The park will be debuting the relocated Greezed Lightnin' shuttle coaster from the closed Six Flags AstroWorld.

Kemah Boardwalk
Kemah, TX
The Boardwalk Bullet
The wood coaster debuts in 2007.

SeaWorld San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Journey to Atlantis
Unlike the Journey to Atlantis water coasters at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando and San Diego, the Texas version will not have any indoor dark ride features, but it will have two turntables that will spin the vehicles around.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, TX
Tony Hawk's Big Spin
Spinning coaster

Wonderland Amusement Park
Amarillo, TX
Mayan Mindbender? (The park may rename the coaster.)
The park will be debuting the relocated Mayan Mindbender junior coaster from the closed Six Flags AstroWorld.


Farmington (near Salt Lake City), UT
Magnetically launched tower coaster will rise 110 feet and reach a top speed of 55 mph.


Busch Gardens Europe
Williamsburg, VA
Floorless diving coaster
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