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Cool New Coaster Coming to Hersheypark in 2008

Preview of Fahrenheit, the coaster debuting at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania


Cool New Coaster Coming to Hersheypark in 2008

Fahrenheit rides into Hersheypark in 2008.

Hersheypark 2007.
Updated September 27, 2007
The clever name that Hersheypark has given to its new coaster, "Fahrenheit," doesn't refer to the soaring heights that the thrill machine will reach. At a somewhat puny 121 feet, the ride will not be bursting any thermometers when it debuts in 2008. But its 121-foot drop will be at 97 degrees. (97 degrees. Fahrenheit. Get it?) That's negative 7 degrees greater than a 90-degree straight drop. Yikes! The short (and since this is Hersheypark, it will undoubtedly also be sweet) ride will include some other great coaster elements, but the beyond-straight-down drop will be Fahrenheit's most intriguing feature.

Fahrenheit Stats

  • Type: Steel vertical lift looping coaster
  • Height: 121 feet
  • First drop: 121 feet
  • First drop angle: 97 degrees
  • Top speed: 58 mph
  • Track length: 2700 feet
  • Ride time: 1:25 minutes
More Fahrenheit Coaster Info

Feverish Ride

The new coaster, to be built by Intamin, will use 3-row, 12-passenger trains that will feature stadium seating. Each rider will therefore have a clear view of the ensuing mayhem. After leaving the station, the sleek Cobalt blue and orange (to reflect cold and hot?) trains will climb a 121-foot lift hill at 90 degrees--hence the "vertical lift" tag. That'll position riders on their backs heading straight up the hill.

In appearance, the lift hill and drop will resemble the top-hat towers of rocket coasters such as Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark's own Storm Runner. Unlike rocket coasters, however, Fahrenheit will not be a launched coaster (it will use a chain lift), nor will it aspire to Kingda Ka's record-breaking speed or height. And unlike rocket coasters, which typically soar 90 degrees straight up and down its top-hat towers, Fahrenheit will drop beyond straight down at 97 degrees. The unusual drop will give Hersheypark bragging rights for having the steepest drop of any coaster in the U.S. Cedar Point's Maverick, which debuted in 2007, features a 95-degree drop. It will be odd--and unnerving--to stare down a coaster drop that's inclined inward. Even the riders in the front row won't be able to see any track in front of them as they first descend the hill.

Fahrenheit will rev up to 58 mph as it enters a 107-foot inverted loop. It will then spin into an inverted corkscrew roll. A couple of hills designed to deliver bursts of airtime, sandwiched around a banked curve follows. The whole thing will be over in a scant 85 seconds.

In addition to Fahrenheit, Hersheypark will also be debuting Howler, a spinning ride that will allow passengers to spin their own cars, in 2008.

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