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Roller Coaster News

News and update briefs about roller coasters.

Dollywood Expansion - FireChaser Express Coaster and DreamMore Resort

Banshee Inverted Coaster Opening at Kings Island in 2014

Thunderbolt Preview
Coming to Coney Island in 2014.

Goliath Coaster Coming to Six Flags Great America

 The world's fastest wooden coaster is coming in 2014.

Roller Coaster Ride Guide 2013
See what's in store when you ride the rails at U.S. amusement parks.

Canada's Wonderland Leviathan Roller Coaster
Preview of Leviathan, the insanely tall and fast roller coaster debuting at Canada's Wonderland in spring 2012. How insane? Read on.

Gold Striker Coaster Coming to California's Great America in 2013
An old-fashioned, but thrilling wooden coaster is on its way to the park.

See the wild new winged coaster coming to Cedar Point in 2013.

Full Throttle Preview
There is a record-breaking, highly unique coaster coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2013.

Iron Rattler Preview
A unique steel-wooden hybrid coaster is coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2013.

Outlaw Run Coaster Coming to Silver Dollar City in 2013

World's Tallest Roller Coaster in Florida
The world's tallest roller coaster is coming to Florida, probably in 2016. Read about the 520-foot Polercoaster.

Roller Coaster Ride Guides
Discover the new roller coasters that theme parks and amusement parks have introduced through the years.

Roller Coaster Ride Guide 2014
Great new roller coasters will be opening in 2014 at parks such as Kings Island, Six Flags Great America, Coney Island, and Disney World. Read on!

Thunderbird Roller Coaster to Take Wing at Holiday World in 2015
Holiday World's first major steel thrill machine, Thunderbird, will be a doozy: the nation's first launched wing coaster. Discover what's coming in 2015.

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