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The World's 10 Fastest Roller Coasters


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Honorable Mention: Xcelerator- 82 mph
Knott's Berry Farm Xcelerator
Oliver Mallich/mtl_shag/flickr.com Creative Commons License

Do you have a need for speed? Want to test your mettle against the world's speediest metal behemoths? The world's 10 fastest roller coasters are all made of steel (no wood coaster currently cracks the list), come in a variety of designs, and use an assortment of launch systems to catapult their rides into the record books. The rankings have been updated in 2014. Hang on tight. Five of the fastest roller coasters reach or exceed 100 mph. Yikes!

If you are looking for speedy woodies, see the top 10 fastest wooden roller coasters.

Honorable Mention: Xcelerator- 82 mph

Considerably smaller and slower than either Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster (but still plenty tall at 205 feet), the similar Xcelerator nonetheless reaches a bone-rattling speed in a matter of seconds. It certainly doesn't feel a heckuva lot slower than its enormous cousins when you are barreling down its straight launch track staring at the top hat tower ahead. If speed is relative, consider Xcelerator relatively fast.

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