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Top 10 Most Overrated Roller Coasters in North America


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Number 2 Most Overrated Roller Coaster: Son of Beast
Top 10 Most Overrated Roller Coasters in North America

Son of Beast at Kings Island.

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Kings Island in OH.

Note that after years of standing-but-not-oeprating status, Kings Island announced that it would remove the trouble-prone Son of Beast by the end of 2012 and replace it with another attraction.

When I exited the unloading station at SOB, I felt like the coaster did to me what a wild night of boogie-woogieing does to Jerry Lee Lewis: It shook my nerves and rattled my brain--and every other part of me. It's no wonder. The mammoth wood coaster at Kings Island was notoriously brutal. In fact, it was closed for most of 2009 after a passenger claimed she suffered a burst blood vessel in her brain after riding the woodie, and that was all she wrote for the frequently-closed ride.

Talk about hype: When it debuted in 2000, SOB boasted many records, including the world's fastest and tallest wooden coaster. Son of Beast was also the second-longest wooden coaster (behind its namesake at Kings Island, The Beast). And it was the only operating woodie to include a loop, which was subsequently removed to improve the ride. It may have improved the ride, but SOB never came close to living up to its hype.

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