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Top 10 Most Overrated Roller Coasters in North America


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Number 4 Most Overrated Roller Coaster: Goliath
Top 10 Most Overrated Roller Coasters in North America

Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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Goliath Coaster Review

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA

Goliath is one of those you-either-love-it-or-you-hate-it roller coasters. Some thrill machine fans put it at or near the top of their favorites list. Put me in the hate-it category for a number of reasons. Chief among them: I nearly passed out from Goliath's extreme positive G forces. If I hadn't almost lost conciousness, I'd still question why Six Flags and ride designer Giovanola built one of the world's biggest hypercoasters only to slam on the brakes and send riders through a punishing helix.

By the way, don't confuse the same-named coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia and La Ronde. Those Goliaths are smooth-as-silk hypercoasters from the master coaster makers at B&M of Switzerland.

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