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Top 10 Most Overrated Roller Coasters in North America


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Number 8 Most Overrated Roller Coaster: High Roller
Top 10 Most Overrated Roller Coasters in North America

High Roller atop the Stratosphere Tower (with the Big Shot tower ride above it).

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High Roller Coaster Review

Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, NV

OK, the Stratosphere dismantled the High Roller in 2005, so it's more accurate to call this a formerly overrated coaster. But talk about overrated.

The High Roller (what a great name!) was a fairly wimpy roller coaster. At a top speed of 30 mph, no inversions, not much acceleration or g-forces, and hardly any drops, it was firmly in the "family" coaster category. Oh, there was one notable stat that raised expectations for the ride to, um stratospheric levels: Its track wrapped around the top of the Stratosphere Tower at the 900-foot level.

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