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The 10 Longest Roller Coasters in the World


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Number 10: Gao - 5692 Feet
The 10 Longest Roller Coasters in the World
Theme Park Review. Used with permission.
Roller coasters are known for their speed and height, but what about their length? It's somewhat ironic that coaster lovers will often stand for hours in line (not to mention travel great distances) just to spend a minute or two (if that) screaming like ninnies aboard thrill machines. Sometimes, dazed riders will depart a roller coaster wondering what just happened. But a select few coasters reward the anticipation with extra-long rides. Herewith are the world's ten largest roller coasters. The stats have been updated in 2014.

Number 10: Gao - 5692 Feet

  • Mitsui Greenland, Arao, Kumamoto Japan
  • Steel coaster
  • Duration: 3:56

It's not particularly fast (reaching a top speed of 61 mph). And it's not particularly tall. But Gao does squeeze onto the list of top-10 longest roller coasters in the world by virtue of its 5692 feet of track. At nearly four minutes, it also offers one of the longest lasting rides. Another unique feature: Part of Gao's track is nestled inside an unusual looking green dragon.

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