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The 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World


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Honorable Mention: Bullet Coaster and OCT Thrust - 221.2 Foot Drop
Theme Park Review. Used with permission.
  • Happy Valley, Shenzhen, China and Happy Valley, Wuhai, China
  • Type of coaster: Compressed Air Launch
  • Height: 197 feet

Barely edging out Bizarro, these two compressed air launch coasters in China are copies of one another and are located at sister parks, both called Happy Valley. Built by the same manufacturer that pioneered compressed air drop tower rides, the coasters are designed to deliver incredible launches. They reach 83 mph in mere seconds and pull 4.5 Gs as they scale their nearly-200-foot hills. They descend into underground tunnels to provide 221.2-foot drops.

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