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Hurricane Hole Bowl Ride

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

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Hurricane Hole Bowl Ride
Jeremy Levine, 2006. Licensed to About.com.
Affectionately known as "toilet bowl" rides, water attractions like the Hurricane Hole send riders swirling around a funnel-shaped bowl before gravity flushes them down the drain and into a splash pool a few feet beneath the bowl.
Thrill Scale (0=Wimpy!, 10=Yikes!): 3.5
Dark, steep drop. Riders can drop from bowl in precarious positions. Riders must be able to swim to exit the splash pool.
Height requirement: 48"
Type: Body Slide Bowl Ride

You'll Be Flush with Excitement

The ride begins with a 5-story walk up to the loading platform. Hurricane Hole is a body slide ride, so no tubes are used. After the operator gives the all-clear sign, riders plunge down a steep, enclosed slide. They exit the slide and enter the bright orange and yellow bowl near the top of its rim. The momentum sends riders spiraling around the perimeter of the bowl. After two or three revolutions, they slow down and gravitate towards the hole in the bowl's center.

Left to chance, riders on Hurricane Hole may exit the bowl in a variety of odd positions, including headfirst, shoulder-first, or sideways. Here's a hint: After about two revolutions around the bowl on your back, sit up, and use your hands to guide you to a feet-first drop through the hole. Regardless of how riders exit the bowl, they'll experience a few feet drop into a splash pool. Riders need to be able to swim to the surface and head to the ride's exit. A lifeguard is at the exit to help guide riders. Hurricane Hole is one of two bowl rides at Splash Lagoon. The park also features. The Cyclone.

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