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The Cyclone Bowl Ride

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

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The Cyclone Bowl Ride
Jeremy Levine, 2006. Licensed to About.com.
Bowl rides that incorporate rafts have become quite popular at outdoor water parks. The Cyclone is among the few bowl rides to be found at an indoor water park.
Thrill Scale (0=Wimpy!, 10=Yikes!): 2.5
Dark, steep drop. No safety restraints.
Height requirement: Riders under 42 inches must ride with someone 48" or taller.
Type: Tube Bowl Ride

It'll Bowl You Over

One of Splash Lagoon's featured attractions, The Cyclone's prominent blue and green bowl is adjacent to the Tiki Tree House interactive water play structure, near the center of the park. Curious onlookers can check out the action in the bowl by climbing to the top of the tree house. As a bonus, they can send a spray of water onto unsuspecting riders in The Cyclone by triggering one of the jets on the water play structure.

Riders first need to grab a tube and climb five stories up to the loading platform. The Cyclone can accommodate one- and two-person tubes. After the operator gives the all-clear sign, riders plunge down a steep, enclosed slide. Offering perhaps the longest, fastest, and steepest drop at Splash Lagoon, the ride elicits a steady stream of muffled screams. The tubes exit the enclosed slide and begin a highly banked curve near the top of the bowl.

In addition to suffering the sprays of water from armed folks on the tree house, riders may get a torrential downpour of water from the tipping bucket atop the water play structure. The bucket alternates between dumping its contents onto guests standing in front of the tree house and tipping in the opposite direction into The Cyclone's bowl.

The weight and distribution of the passengers in the tube affect the speed and intensity of the ride in the bowl. Even at its most intense, however, The Cyclone After a couple of revolutions, the tubes slow down, and jets of swirling water direct them to the exit hatch in the bowl's center. Riders may leave the bowl facing forwards, backwards, or sideways. A short drop sends the tubes into a splash pool. Riders have the option of leaving the ride or entering into the park's lazy river. The Cyclone is one of two bowl rides at Splash Lagoon. The park also features Hurricane Hole.

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