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Free Theme Parks

Where to Find Free Admission and Other Freebies


No matter what theme park or amusement park you visit, you're going to have to crack open your wallet to ride a coaster or hop on a carousel. But, while most parks charge a flat, pay-one-price fee--and often a hefty one at that--to pass through its turnstiles and ride unlimited attractions, a handful offer free admission and a pay-as-you-go policy for its rides. For families on a budget, or visitors who are along for the ride but aren't all that keen to try the rides, free-admission parks can be great bargains. Besides (or instead of) open gates, some parks offer free parking and other free amenities.

1. Knoebels


Elysburg, Pennsylvania

Knoebels is one of the few remaining free-admission parks, and one of the largest in the US. Rides are individually priced, and tickets can be purchased a la carte. Discounted ticket books are available. Knoebels also offers pay-one-price options.

With its Fascination parlor, generous collection of classic spinning rides, dizzying array of colored lights, and other retro touches, Knoebels transports guests to a bygone era. It also takes special pride in its two highly acclaimed wooden coasters, Twister and Phoenix. The park offers an adjacent campground.

2. Coney Island

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Brooklyn, New York

The amusement area includes a number of operators. Admission to the seaside parks and famed boardwalk is still free, as is entrance to the public beach. A Nathan's Famous hot dog, however, will cost you.

3. Family Kingdom

Family Kingdom, 2008. Used with permission.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The free-admission park offers individual ride tickets as well as unlimited ride passes. The nearby Family Kingdom Water Park, however, requires a separate admission.

Seaside amusement parks used to be an American staple. Today, Family Kingdom is one of the few surviving places where screaming passengers aboard white-latticed coasters compete with the crash of the surf.

4. Waldameer Park


Erie, Pennsylvania

Admission to the traditional amusement park is free (although the adjacent Water World water park does require an entrance fee). Waldameer also offers pay-one-price options. Among its featured attractions is the highly regarded wooden coaster, Ravine Flyer II, and the classic Whacky Shack dark ride. In addition to its open gate, Waldameer offers free entertainment and free parking.

5. Holiday World

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Santa Claus, Indiana

You'll have to pay to enter Holiday World, but the value-oriented park lays on the freebies once you're in the gate, including the industry-defying offer of unlimited, free fountain drinks. Other perks:

One of the few remaining family-run parks, Holiday World has charm to spare, some of the friendliest staff members on the planet, spotlessly clean grounds, and other features that corporate parks often can't match. And it offers three of the best wooden coasters on the planet.

6. Lake Compounce

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Bristol, Connecticut

As with Holiday World, Lake Compounce charges an admission fee, which includes all of the rides. But it also copied Holiday World's promotion of unlimited, complimentary fountain drinks. The charming traditional park (the oldest continuously operating amusement park in the US), is known for its incredible Boulder Dash wooden coaster. Admission to Splash Harbor water park is free with admission to Lake Compounce.

7. Other Free Theme Parks

Pacific Park. Used with permission.

Other free-admission parks include:

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