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Intimidator Carowinds

Preview Photos of the 2010 Hypercoaster Coming to Carowinds in the Carolinas


It won't go quite as fast as the speed demons driven by racing car legend, Dale Earnhardt, but the new coaster coming to Carowinds that bears his nickname, the Intimidator, will race at speeds up to 80 mph. The hypercoaster will also soar 232 feet in the air and offer loads of airtime.
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  1. The Intimidation StartsThe queue for the Intimidator coaster at Carowinds takes passengers under the loading station.
  2. Pretty IntimidatingThe out-and-back hypercoaster will strike a mighty pose at Carowinds.
  3. Intimidating from the AirThe new Carowinds coaster, Intimidator, as seen from above.
  4. Racing Down the First DropIntimidator at Carowinds will soar down 211 feet and reach speeds up to 80 mph.
  5. 178-Foot Second HillIntimidator at Carowinds will navigate a helix and soar down a second hill.
  6. Plenty of Air in the TiresIntimidator at Carowinds will feature a total of 8 hills which will translate into lots of airtime.
  7. Intimidating LayoutHere's a great look at the layout of the Intimidator hypercoaster coming to Carowinds.
  8. Good Seats for the RaceThe open-air cars on Intimidator will offer offset seats to give all passengers a great view.

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