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Intimidator 305

Preview Photos of the Giga-Coaster Debuting at Kings Dominion in Virginia


NOTE: Intimidator 305 is now open. Read my review of Intimidator 305. For its 15th coaster, Kings Dominion is looking up for inspiration. Way up. 305 feet up, to be exact. That's the incredible height that the "Giga-Coaster" will soar when it debuts in April 2010. Kings Dominion is also looking up to the heavens to Dale Earnhardt, the racing car legend, whose nickname, the Intimidator, will grace the ride.
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The massive Intimidator 305 coaster coming to Kings Dominion will travel 5100 feet.It's Not Just Big, It's GigaThe Intimidator 305 coaster coming to Kings Dominion will climb a nerve-rattling 305 feet lift hill.THAT's Why It's Called 305The Intimidator 305 coaster coming to Kings Dominion will boast a first drop of 300 feet.THAT's IntimidatingThe angle of the first drop of Intimidator 305 will be 85 degrees (just shy of straight down).Another View
Intimidator 305 will be the 15th coaster at Kings Dominion.Snaking among the Other Coasters at Kings DominionTo reinforce its stock car racing theme, Intimidator 305 will send its passengers racing.Well GroundedThe coaster's trains will be designed to resemble Dale Earnhardt's black Chevy.Putting Some Air in Earnhardt's CarThe layout of the Intimidator 305 coaster coming to Kings Dominion in 2010.The Racetrack
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