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Holiday World

Santa Claus, Indiana Theme Park


The Southern Indiana theme park includes the holiday-themed lands of Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. See its highly regarded wooden coasters, including The Voyage.
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  1. Let the Holiday BeginThe front entrance to Holiday World Theme Park.
  2. Santa Reigns Dearly at Holiday WorldHoliday World was known as Santa Claus Land when it first opened in 1946.
  3. Jack'O all HolidaysOne of Holiday World's lands is themed to Halloween.
  4. Birds of a Feather Coaster TogetherThe Raven is one of Holiday World's highly regarded wooden coasters.
  5. Raven Swoops into the WoodsHoliday World's Raven coaster sends its passengers diving into a heavily wooded drop.
  6. Turnaround is Fair PlayThe Raven enters into a turnaround on the banks of Lake Rudolph at Holiday World.
  7. Quoth the Raven's Passengers, "Once More!"After tearing through the woods on the 90-second Raven coaster.
  8. Milling AboutFrightful Falls is Holiday World's log flume ride.
  9. Scary SwingsHoliday World's Halloween land also offers spinning rides such as the HallowSwings.
  10. Legendary CoasterThe Legend leaves the station for another ride through the woods.
  11. Legendary First DropThe Legend's passengers brave its 113-foot first drop.
  12. Legendary Twists and TurnsThe Legend includes lots of highly banked turns.

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