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New at Amusement Parks for 2014

About Theme Parks' Ride Guide 2014: Michigan to Wisconsin


New at Amusement Parks for 2014

Dollywood will get a new coaster, one of many new rides and attractions coming to theme parks in 2014.


The guide is arranged alphabetically by US state, with Canada following at the end.

  • This page includes what's new for the 2013 season at amusement parks in US states from Michigan to Wisconsin plus Canada and Mexico.
  • The previous page includes parks from Arkansas to Massachusetts.


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Shakopee, MN
Route 76
A new retro-themed area will offer the new ride, Northern Lights, a spinning disc platform that will shuttle back and forth on a coaster track, as well as other relocated and returning rides. 

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Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka (which is near -- would you believe it? -- St. Louis), MO
Tsunami Soaker
A soak-and-get-soaked ride with boat-like vehicle equipped with water guns.

Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, MO
Another very tall swing tower ride is coming to the Missouri park (although at 301 feet, it will be about 100 feet shy of the swing ride coming to Six Flags New England), but it will not be brand new. The relocated ride first thrilled guests at Knott's Berry Farm.

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Las Vegas, NV
El Loco
The new coaster at the indoor amusement park will feature a greater-than-90-degree drop followed by a heavy dose of negative Gs. Its single-car, four-passenger trains will navigate tight turns and other thrilling elements.

Deferred from 2013, two giant Ferris wheels are supposed to open on the Las Vegas Strip in 2014. One, the 550-foot High Roller is under construction and on track to begging spinning. Construction on the planned 500-foot SkyVue, however, appears to be stalled and may not debut in 2014, if ever. Both would be taller than the London Eye.

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Story Land
Glen, NH
Like Wooden Warrior, a wonderful, if small, wooden coaster in Connecticut, the similar ride coming to the charming White Mountains park should be one heckuva coaster.

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Steel Pier
Atlantic City, NJ
Ferris wheel
A 200-foot tall observation wheel will be coming to the famous boardwalk amusement pier.

Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ
Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom
The world's tallest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, will get an accompanying drop tower ride. Six Flags will build the 400-foot thrill ride -- the world's tallest -- using the same structure as the coaster. It will reach a top speed of 90 mph.

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Coney Island
Brooklyn, NY
The vintage 1925 wooden coaster that once thrilled Coney Island visitors will return -- in name anyway. The newfangled steel coaster will incorporate an intriguing vertical elevator lift tower. 

The Great Escape
Queensbury (near Lake George), NY
Extreme Supernova
A spinning pendulum thrill ride is on its way.

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Charlotte, NC
Surfer’s Swell and Dorsal Fin Drop
Two water slides are on their way to Boomerang Bay, the water park that is included with admission. One will be a half-pipe-style ride, while the other will be a bowl ride.

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Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles
Two "flat rides" will debut. One will be a Disk'O Coaster (a spinning ride platform that moves back and forth on a short section of coaster track) and a flying scooters-style spinning ride.

Kings Island
Mason, Ohio
Banshee and The Bat
At 4124 feet and a ride time of 2:40, Banshee will be the world's longest inverted coaster. Also, in honor of a gone-but-not-forgotten ride, Kings Island is renaming the Flight Deck suspended coaster The Bat.

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Dorney Park
Allentown, PA
Snake Pit
A six-slide tower will be added to the water park. Three of the slides will include launch chambers which will release into near 90-degree drops.

Hershey, PA
Cocoa Cruiser and more
Three smaller rides will open including the Cocoa Cruiser family coaster.

Elysburg, PA
Flying Turns
It actually opened late in the 2013 season (after being delayed for many years), but the retro wooden bobsled-style coaster will have its first full season in 2014.

Sesame Place
Langhorne, PA
Cookie’s Monster Land
The cookie-loving monster will get his own land which will feature five new ride and a play area. I'm guessing there will be a food stand selling cookies as well.

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Pigeon Forge
FireChaser Express
A launched coaster will go light on the thrills and heavy on the themeing, which should make it accessible to most guests.

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, TX
Bahama Blaster
The water park will be getting some new slides featuring launch capsules. Trap doors will release riders into the body slides.

Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington (near Dallas), TX
Kids Area Expansion and more
New rides designed for younger guests are on the way. The water park will also be getting a new water slide.

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Kings Dominion
Doswell (near Richmond), VA
40th Anniversary
The park will celebrate its special birthday with season-long events and special attractions such as the return of its iconic singing mushrooms.

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Canada's Wonderland
Maple, Ontario
Wonder Mountain's Guardian
It will be part dark ride and part roller coaster. The intriguing attraction will take guests inside the park's signature mountain for an experience that will include interactivity via laser guns.

La Ronde
A ride that will contort into all kinds of positions and disorient its passengers.

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Six Flags Mexico
Mexico City
The former wooden coaster will get a steel track (but won't lose its wooden structure) and deliver a new steel-wood hybrid ride experience.

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