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A hybrid Epcot-type pavilion/Six Flags-type amusement park/corporate hospitality center, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi showcases the legendary automaker through sophisticated dark rides and other cutting-edge theme park technology. It also reinforces Ferrari's racing legacy with coasters and other thrill rides. And it acts as an emissary of Italy by offering attractions and exhibits featuring the country's landmarks and culture along with Italian eateries.
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Ferrari World roofThe Roof is On Fire--RedAnd They're OffFerrari World Abu Dhabi features the world's fastest roller coaster.The (Soncic) Boom is off the RosaFerrari World Abu Dhabi coaster trackOn Track
Ferrari World coaster carThe Race is OnFerrari World offers a number of Epcot-style "edutainment" attractions, including V12.A V-12-Powered Boat RideFerrari World offers some hands-on, interactive attractions, such as the Junior Grand Prix.Drive a FerrariFerrari World driving school.Let's Go to Ferrari School
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