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Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Vendors

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Comprehensive listing of amusement industry businesses.

Bolliger & Mabillard
Master steel coaster designers based in Switzerland.

Chance Rides Manufacturing, Inc.
They build giant Ferris wheels, "Alpine Bobs," and many other spinning rides.

Falcon's Treehouse
A park attraction design and production company.

Great Coasters International
Wooden roller coaster manufacturer.

Ham on Rye Technologies
Designer and builder of virtual reality 3-D theater presentations. You have to love the company's name!

Huss Rides
In the industry, the "flat" thrill rides are lovingly known as "spin-and-pukes" (or "whirl-and-hurls"). As the manufacturer of classic rides such as the Top Spin, Frisbee, Pirate Boat and Enterprise, Huss is the master of the genre.

The leader in large-screen films and theaters.

Another Swiss-based coaster (and other rides) manufacturer, Intamin built the incredible Superman: Ride of Steel coaster at Six Flags New England as well as Millennium Force at Cedar Point.

Premier Rides
The pioneer of launched linear induction motor (LIM) roller coasters, Premier also builds "liquid coasters" that combine coaster and log flume elements in one ride.

ProSlide Technology, Inc.
Major waterpark ride manufacturer.

S & S Power, Inc.
Stan Checketts and his wizards in Utah are the brains behind the "Space Shot" tower rides at parks everywhere. They now also build coasters and water rides.

Sally Corporation
Manufacturers of attractions like Ghost Hunt at Lake Compounce, Sally is carrying on the proud dark ride tradition with a modern-era sensibility.

The Gravity Group
Wooden roller coaster design company responsible for such gems as The Voyage at Holiday World in Indiana and Hades at Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin.

Think You're Good, um, Well Enough to Design Theme Park Attractions?

Thinkwell Design and Production
The company creates rides and attractions, as well as shows, events, exhibits, and other cool stuff for theme parks, museums, casino resorts, and other entertainment and retail destinations.

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing
A Netherlands-based coaster manufacturer known for their "Boomerang" shuttle coasters.

Whitewater West Industries
Major water park ride manufacturer. Specialties include the Master Blaster uphill water coaster.

Manufacturer of thrill rides, kiddie rides, coasters, and other amusement industry products. Based in Italy.

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