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Themed Casinos, Restaurants, and Malls

Theme parks and amusement parks aren't the only places to find rides these days. With malls, casinos, restaurants -- even furniture stores -- offering attractions, it's hard to know where the park fantasy ends and reality begins. Let's explore some of the alterna venues for themed rides.
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Las Vegas and Nevada Casino Attractions
A giant adult (but not in THAT sense of the word, you pervert) theme park, Las Vegas offers some actual coasters, rides, and other themed attractions.

Stratosphere Tower (Las Vegas) Thrill Rides
Info, photos, and reviews of the crazy thrill rides atop the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.

Jordan's Furniture Motion Odessy Movie
Jordan's, an innovative chain of furniture stores in the Boston area, includes a motion simulator attraction, 3D IMAX movie theaters, an indoor fireworks display, an animated Mardi Gras parade presentation, and other theme park features among its acres of sofas and dinettes.

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