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Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, part of the Falls Avenue complex.

Niagara Falls, Canada Indoor Water Park


While the relatively new concept of indoor water parks hasn't been around long enough to establish much of a tradition, the Fallsview is nonetheless quite non-traditional. For starters, it's located in a dome on the roof of a parking garage. Take a tour of the Niagara Falls indoor water park.
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  1. Park Under the Water ParkFallsview is located in a dome on the roof of a parking garage.
  2. Hard Walk via the Hard RockGetting to the park is an adventure.
  3. Park it this WayAccess is via two small elevators located off the lobby of the Brock Plaza.
  4. Welcome to Fallsview The entrance to the Fallsview Indoor Water Park.
  5. Under the DomeThe cavernous dome has a lot of water attractions.
  6. The Niagara WatrerworksA large interactive water play center with all kinds of sprayers and doodads.
  7. Fallsview's FallsThe dump bucket on the Niagara Watrerworks unleashes a torrent of water.
  8. Falling Down the SlidesThe Niagara Watrerworks includes three small water slides.
  9. Super Soakers
  10. Wave RavesFallsview has a good-sized wave pool.
  11. Screaming in the (Indoor) SkyThe Sky Screamer speed slide is quite fast and thrilling.
  12. Take the PlungeThe Canadian Plunge is a bowl ride for one-person tubes.
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