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CoCo Key Water Resort at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Danvers, MA

Photo Gallery of the CoCo Key Waterpark


Part of the chain of CoCo Key Water Resorts, the converted DoubleTree by Hilton in Danvers, Massachusetts is the first major indoor water park resort in New England. See the slides, lazy river, dump bucket and other features of the themed water park.
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Guests check in at the CoCo Key Water Resort.The Key to CoCo KeyThe CoCo Key Water Resort indoor waterpark has a bright, colorful Key West theme.Fish Out of WaterThe centerpiece of the CoCo Key Water Resort is the Parrot's Perch interactive play center.Slide On InThis guy is ready to tackle one of the enclosed slides on the Parrot's Perch.Ready to Slide
Younger children enjoy the interactive features.Hey! It's Wet!Guests REALLY get soaked.Look Out BelowThe "lazy" river, with all of its sprayers, isn't all that lazy.CoCo NutsSome of the sprayers in the lazy river are activated by riders.Take THAT, Mom
The major slides begin inside the park but extend outside the building.Outdoor Slides- Indoor ParkAfter winding outside in the enclosed slide, a father and son make a big splash.Back InsideSome of the major slides are body slides that forego tubes.Body Slides TooYounger children have their own pint-sized slides at CoCo Key Water Resort.Little Splash
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