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Golfland SunSplash


Golfland SunSplash

The Thunder Bay Wave Pool at Golfland SunSplash water park in Mesa, Arizona.

Golfland SunSplash, 2008. Used with permission.


This is a large park with plenty of activities for guests of all ages and thrill-tolerance levels. With its Master Blaster water coaster, Sidewinder half-pipe slide, The Cauldron bowl ride, and Bonzi speed slides, SunSplash has plenty of thrilling ways to get wet. For the slightly less adventurous, the park also offers the Dragon Tail body slides, the Splash Water Harbor tube slides, and the Thunder Bay wave pool. And for those who just want to chill out in the often-toasty Arizona sun, SunSplash has Endless River, an 800-foot lazy river. Younger kids will enjoy the Caribbean Water Works interactive water play center and other activities designed just for them.

Additionally, the Golfland facility includes mini-golf, laser tag, Indy race cars, an arcade, and an indoor interactive dry play center

Golfland SunSplash Location and Phone:

Mesa, Arizona. The actual address is 155 W. Hampton Ave.

Tickets and Admission Policy:

Discounts for guests under 48 inches, toddlers, over 55, and for those arriving after 4 p.m. Season passes available. There is also mini-golf, laser tag, go-karts, and other attractions at Golfland.


The actual address is 155 W. Hampton Ave. Golfland SunSplash is one block north of the U.S. 60 freeway at Country Club Drive in Mesa.

Water Park Features:

Uphill water coaster, bowl ride, half-pipe slide, tube slides, body slides, speed slides, wave pool, lazy river, interactive water play center, activity pool, and kiddie play area.

Learn More about the Rides

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New at the Park:

New for 2014: Double Dare
Riders brave enough to handle the thrills will enter one of two launch capsules. After a countdown, trap doors will release them into serpentine slides.

New for 2012: The Revolution
Another year, another bowl ride. Riders in two-passenger rafts will descend about 70 feet into an open bowl.

Official Web Site:

Golfland Sunsplash Waterpark

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