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Soak City Water Park at Kings Island


Soak City Water Park at Kings Island

Soak City at Kings Island offers two wave pools, tons of slides, and lots of other ways to get wet.

Kings Island.


Most years, Kings Island adds new attractions to keep the turnstiles flipping. In 2012, families can expect something bigger, better...and wetter. Kings Island is making a 650,000-gallon addition to the former Boomerang Bay waterpark, including a new wave pool and revamped action river. The $10 million expansion will convert the park to Cedar Fair's Soak City brand, and will nearly double the park size to 30 acres.

Most of the buzz about Soak City centers on a new wave pool, a sister to the existing 36,000-square-foot wave pool that will remain in operation. The new pool will be 3000 square feet larger, and, as Kings Island boasts, has been "painstakingly positioned to find just the right angle to the sun." (If you are wondering what this golden angle is, it appears to be east, so adjust your deck chairs at home accordingly.) The addition of another wave pool should come as good news to frequent waterpark visitors, who often had to struggle to find their own little slice of heaven among a sea of bodies in the original pool.

The new wave pool not only means more room to stretch your fins, but also presents a challenge to seasoned belly surfers. You'll brave aggressive waves that will reach heights of up to four feet, so plug your nose, and don't say I didn't warn ya. Younger surfer dudes may be better off frolicking among the smaller waves next door.

The hunt for a seat may finally be over, as the new pool area will feature more deck space and over 1,000 additional lounge chairs. The beach atmosphere includes sandy volleyball courts and, for a rental fee, full-service cabanas that are large enough for a family to enjoy. A new party-sized cabana will also be available for large celebrations such as, oh, say, a writer's birthday party. (Okay, I included that last part just in case my friends read this.)

A touch of adventure will be added to the lazy river that has charmed don't-get-my-hair-wet moms since 1989. I've been down this route many times aboard an oversized inner tube, my family bobbing along peacefully in the sun like a bowl of happy Cheerios. Converted to an "action" river for the 2012 season, this attraction will no longer be a leisurely float. Rough rapids, waterfalls, and wild water hoses will keep you ducking -- and reaping revenge on loved ones -- until the end of the quarter-mile run.

There won't be any new waterslides this time around, but the existing 30 waterslides are going to receive some much-needed refurbishing. The entire area will be freshened up as the park is converted to the Soak City brand, with new changing rooms and a grand entrance that could relieve some congestion on the KI & Miami Valley Railroad.

Formerly known as Waterworks, then Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay, the waterpark has had more than one facelift in the past. It has featured an Australian theme since Paramount Parks reigned over Kings Island in 2004, when Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan himself christened the water slides. With the sale of Kings Island to Cedar Fair in 2007, the name of the waterpark was changed to simply Boomerang Bay. Say "g'day" to the Australian theme; the park is expected to take on a more generic sunny look like Cedar Fair's other Soak City locations.

-Overview by Rain Blanken




At Kings Island in Mason (near Cincinnati), Ohio

Admission Policy:

Soak City water park is included with admission to Kings Island. The park offers pay-one-price, all-day passes both at the gate and online (often at a reduced price). Discount tickets are available for seniors and children.

Water Park Features:

Lots of slides, wave pools, action river, lagoons, raft ride, funnel ride, FlowRider surfing ride, water activity areas, play areas for young children.

New for 2012:

Along with the new "Soak City" name, the park will get a new wave pool and the lazy river will be expanded and transformed into an action river.

Indoor Water Park at Kings Island:

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