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Myrtle Waves Water Park


Myrtle Waves Water Park

The Turbo Twisters are an imposing sight at Myrtle Waves.

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It may seem odd to have a waterpark in an area known for its miles of beautiful beaches. The name of the town is Myrtle Beach, after all. But Myrtle Waves offers a different kind of bathing-suit-clad fun, and features some of waterparkdom's most thrilling slides.

The medium-sized park has most of the water attraction standbys, including the "Ocean in Motion" wave pool, the Lay Zee river (which is particularly lazy--there are no sprayers or other features along the route), Saturation Station, an interactive water play structure with a tipping bucket, and the usual gaggle of slides.

Among Myrtle Waves' signature rides are the Turbo Twisters, wild enclosed body slides that the park says are among the world's tallest. (There are taller water attractions that are not enclosed body slides, however, including Summit Plummet, a speed slide at Disney World's Blizzard Beach, and ZOOMbabwe, an enclosed family raft ride at Holiday World's Splashin' Safari in Indiana.) The 100-foot tall Turbo Twisters tower is an imposing sight. Its spaghetti-bowl of three interconnecting purple slides look impossibly steep and twisty. The muffled screams echoing from the slides add to the suspense.

After giving riders instructions to lie flat, cross their ankles, and cup their hands behind their heads, the operator gives the all-clear sign. The tubes are completely opaque and the inky darkness is disorienting. Without any visual cues, it's impossible to get a sense where the ride is heading and hard to determine the speed--but rest assured it's fast and deliriously fun. From the get-go, riders tear out, but when they navigate one of the tubes' nearly vertical dips, they REALLY pick up speed. Beware of wedgies: The splash ramp at the exit slows speeding riders down...and rides their bathing suits up.

Myrtle Waves also features Arooba Tooba, a spinning "toilet bowl" ride. Lines for the popular, low-capacity attraction can get long.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Waves Water Park Phone:


Admission Policy:

Pay-one-price. Reduced prices for children and seniors. Myrtle Waves offers discount prices for afternoon admissions. Contact the park for info about specials.

Myrtle Waves Water Park Directions:

US 17 Bypass at 10th Ave. North, near Broadway at the Beach.

Water Park Attractions:

Incredibly tall and fast enclosed body slides, wave pool, lazy river, "toilet bowl" ride, children's play area, body slides, and tube slides.

Picture Tour of the Park:

Myrtle Waves Water Park Photo Gallery

Official Web Site:

Myrtle Waves Water Park

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