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Calypso Waterpark


Calypso Waterpark

The Adrenaline slide at Calypso Waterpark.

Calypso Waterpark.
Billing itself as "Canada's largest theme waterpark," Calypso is huge--and it does give more than a cursory nod to themeing. How huge? The Calypso Palace wave pool is as big as three NHL rinks according to the park. Another standout attraction is Dr. Dunk's Turbo Lab, a four-slide tower that offers two bowl slides. The Zoomerang sends riders in large rafts racing down an enclosed tube, then up down a half-pipe-style slide.

The park features a tropical Caribbean ambiance and offers a number of characters, including Calypso, Queen of the Waves and the Captain LaPlank. In addition to the watery fun, Calypso also offers volleyball, live music, restaurants, and a bar.

Calypso offers an intriguing method to pay for all of its fun. Guests can scan their fingerprint to open an account, then swipe their finger to purchase food and other items throughout their stay.

Phone and Location:

In Limoges, Ontario, about 20 minutes from Ottawa.

Calypso Waterpark Admission Policy:

Daily admission available. Discounted rates offered for children (under 1,32m) and seniors (65+). Children under 2 are free. The park also offers a discount for guests who arrive after 3:00 p.m. Season passes and group rates are available.


The actual address is 2015, Calypso Street in Limoges, Ontario.

From Ottawa: Highway 417 E to Exit 79. Left onto Limoges Road northbound to park.

From Montreal: Highway 40 W to Ottawa. After the Vaudreuil Exit, take Highway 417 W to Exit 79. Right onto Limoges Road northbound to park.

Calypso Waterpark Highlights:

Wave pool, lazy river, tube slides, body slides, family raft ride, speed slides, multi-lane mat racing slide, bowl rides, interactive play structure with dump bucket, and water play area for younger children.

Learn More about Calypso Waterpark Rides:

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New at the Park:

New for 2013
A new tubing river will open.

New for 2011
10 new water slides, including 2 AquaLoops
The huge Calypso Waterpark gets even bigger in 2011 with the addition of ten new slides. A 90-foot tall tower will be the starting point for four new speed slides, two that will use four-passenger toboggan boats and two that will use double inner tubes. The new tower will also offer four family (read: not too high on the thrill-o-meter) slides.

Also new for 2011, two AquaLoop slides will feature capsule launches. Brave guests will climb to the 55-foot level of the new tower, enter one of the two capsules, and experience a vertical drop after the trap doors in the bottom of the capsules are opened. If that's not crazy enough, riders will then enter near-vertical loops before being deposited (hopefully with their bathing suits firmly attached) into a splashdown run-out track.

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