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Water Parks 2012

Slide Guide- What's New at Parks: Alabama to New Mexico


Water Parks 2012

The wild-looking King Cobra coming to Hurricane Harbor, the Six Flags park in New Jersey, is one of many new water park rides debuting in 2012.

Six Flags.
There are plenty of new slides and rides, including record-breakers and ones that deliver major thrills, coming to water parks in 2012. Batten down the hatches and don your Speedos if you are brave enough to tackle the world's longest water coaster at Holiday World in Indiana, the Bonzai Pipeline, a near-vertical loop slide with a launch capsule (known by its manufacturer as an "AquaLoop," there are many of these wild thrill rides coming to water parks this season) at Six Flags St. Louis, or The Whirlwind, a 70-foot tall racing body slide that ends in a swirl to the finish inside a bowl at Hawaiian Falls in Texas.

There are also new water parks and a completely re-imagined park (Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio). Heck, there is even an uphill water coaster on a Disney cruise ship.

Learn about these and many other developments at parks throughout North America. The Slide Guide is arranged alphabetically by U.S. state. This page includes what's new for the 2012 season at selected parks in U.S. states from Alabama to New Mexico. The next page includes parks from New York to Wisconsin.


Splash Adventureh
Bessemer, Alabama
The park is dropping the Alabama Adventure name along with the coasters and all dry rides and is converting entirely to a water park. It is also introducing two new rides: the world's first AquaCourse, an obstacle course with water-based tests of skill that includes bridges, and zip lines, and Water Maze, a labyrinth that is booby-trapped with water gotchas.

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Golfland SunSplash
Mesa, Arizona
The Revolution
The park is getting another bowl ride. Riders in two-passenger rafts will drop 70 feet into an open bowl for some serious swishing action.

Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Wet 'n' Wild Jr.
The waterpark within a waterpark is geared for younger kids and will offer multiple attractions, including a river ride, Screamin' Streamers, the mini funnel ride, Tiny Typhoon, and the competitive slide, Banzai Racers.

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Roseville Golfland Sunsplash
Roseville, California
Double Dare
Another near-vertical loop slide with two tracks and twin launched capsules. (Double Dare, get it?)

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Elitch Gardens Island Kingdom
Denver, Colorado
Tube Top
The mini funnel ride will send passengers in 4-person tubes spiraling down an enclosed tube into a small funnel for some vortex action.

Water World Colorado
Federal Heights (near Denver), Colorado
Mile High Flyer
A hydro-magnetic uphill water coaster will open at the huge park.

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Lake Compounce
Bristol, CT
Riptide Racer
A new four-lane racing slide is coming to Splash Harbor water park (which is included in admission to Lake Compounce).

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Wet 'n Wild Florida
New Kids Park
A huge sandcastle-themed interactive water play center with soakers, bridges, slides, and more is on the way.

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Holiday World
Santa Claus, Indiana
Lavishing more attention on Splashin' Safari, its sprawling water park, Holiday World will introduce the world's longest water coaster. (By the way, the world's second longest water coaster, Wildebeest, is also at Holiday World.)

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Adventureland Adventure Bay
Altoona (near Des Moines)
Breaker Beach
New wave pool. Also attractions for younger kids.

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Schlitterbahn Kansas City
Kansas City, Kansas
Six new rides featuring Boogie Bahn
The surfing ride, Boogie Bahn, debuts along with the two head-first mat slides, Twister and The Cyclone, King Kaw, a long lazy river, the Mighty Mo tube slide, the enclosed tube ride, Whirlwind.

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Blue Bayou at Dixie Landin'
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Aqua Loop
Continuing the AquaLoop trend, Dixie Landin' will get four(!) of the wacky water slides that deliver near-vertical loops.

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Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.
Saco, Maine
Six New Slides
Six new water slides will share a 60-foot tower. Two of the slides will feature launch capsules. One of the slides, which looks similar to an AquaLoop model, will offer what the park is calling a "flatline" loop.

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Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags St. Louis
Eureka, Missouri
Bonzai Pipeline
An Aqua Loop water slide, with its near-vertical loop and launch capsule, will be thrilling riders at Six Flags.

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Splash Canyon Waterpark
Las Vegas
It was supposed to open this year, but has been delayed until 2013. Read about the new park that is on the way.

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Water Country
Portsmouth, NH
Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror
The thrill ride will send passengers aboard rafts into an enclosed, dark, winding tube and mini-funnel filled with effects.

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Morey's Piers
Wildwood, NJ
River Adventure and Wipeout Racer
Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis will be getting an action river and a mat racing slide.

Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ
King Cobra

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Next Page: The 2012 season water park Slide Guide continues with parks from New York to Wisconsin.

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