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What's New at Theme Parks and Amusement Parks?

New Roller Coasters, Rides, Attractions and More


Banshee to Elicit Screams at Kings Island in 2014

Cedar Fair, 2013. Used with permission.
The world's longest inverted coaster is on its way to the Ohio park. The scream machine will feature seven towering inversions.

Doom and Zoom at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2014

Six Flags.
If you've been on the Tower of Terror at the Disney parks, you know vertical drop rides. Take the Disney ride's height, multiply it roughly by four and then double the speed to give you a sense of the insanity that Six Flags will be unleashing.

A Crazy (and Crazy Tall) Water Slide in 2014

The world's tallest wear slide, Verruckt, is coming to Schlitterbahn Kansas City. Find out how high riders will soar on the hybrid speed slide/water coaster.

Busch Gardens Unleashes Fury in 2014

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Used with permission.
At 335 feet, it will be among the tallest drop tower rides in the world. And just to make things even more unsettling, riders will face straight down as they plummet to the ground. Read my preview of Falcon's Fury.

Park Ride Guides by Year

Busch Entertainment, 2007. Used with permission.

Discover the new roller coasters, rides, and other goodies that theme parks and amusement parks have introduced through the years.

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