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Wannado City at Sawgrass Mills Mall


Special Note:

Wannado City closed permanently in December 2010. The info below is about the park when it was open.


At the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida (Greater Fort Lauderdale)


1-888-WANNADO (toll-free)

Wannado City Admission Fees:

(2005 prices)
$29.95 for children, 3 to 13 years old
$15.95 for ages 14 and over.
Reduced prices for Florida residents and for arrival after 4 p.m.

Indoor Theme Park Size:

140,000 sq. ft.


From Florida's Turnpike or I-95 (heading north or south): Merge onto 595W. Take Flamingo Road exit and turn right (north). At Sunrise Boulevard, turn left (west). At Purple Parrot Place, turn right, and enter Sawgrass Mills Mall directly to Wannado City.

See Wannado City Pictures:

Wannado City Profile:

Every child has dreams of being an astronaut, firefighter, circus clown, or another fanciful career. Taking the "infotainment" concept to a new level, Wannado City offers kids a supercharged environment to play out their dreams. While the Wannado folks call their place a theme park, there are no roller coasters or talking pirates here. Instead, there is an array of interactive tableaus in which children can try out a wide variety of professions.

Wanna be a doctor? Wannado City's hospital has actual incubators (although the babies are realistic-looking dolls). Its radio station has working broadcast equipment, and its dental clinic has a kid-sized dentist's chair that goes up and down. Other areas include an archeological dig site, a flight academy, a Boradway theater, a cooking academy, and a courthouse. In all, the attraction offers children a choice of 100 professions.

As in the real world, kids have to earn their keep. They receive "Wongas," Wannado City's currency, in exchange for working. They can spend their dough at the city's fair, which includes a mini carousel and Ferris wheel. The life lessons continue beyond the indoor park's gates. Located within the Sawgrass Mills Mall, Florida's largest shopping haven, parents will need a lot of real dough to navigate the 300-odd stores and shops.

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