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Zero Gravity


Zero Gravity

One of the wacky rides at Zero Gravity Thrill Park is the Texas Blastoff.

Zero Gravity.
Forget about carousels and coasters (despite the fact that one of the diabolical rides is called Skycoaster); Zero Gravity is a unique thrill park designed exclusively for extreme adrenaline junkies. Some amusement parks offer variations on Zero Gravity's five attractions (for additional up-charge fees), but not all in one place.

The most novel ride is Nothin’ but Net. As its name implies, the daredevils who board this thing have nothin'--no harness, no parachute--tethering them or slowing them as they drop 130 feet into a net.

All of the rides have height, weight, and/or age restrictions. And there is a laundry list of other conditions, including neck injuries and circulatory disorders, that would preclude participants. Rates are not cheap, although per-ride fees drop significantly when purchased as part of a multi-ride package.


Dallas, Texas



Zero Gravity Admission:

Unlike most theme parks, Zero Gravity charges a per-ride fee. Discount packages are available for multiple rides. Group rates are available.


The physical address is 11131 Malibu Drive in Dallas.

I35E to Walnut Hill exit. Take Malibu Drive north to park.

Park Highlights:

The park offers five thrill rides:
  • Nothin’ but Net- Perhaps the most thrilling (and wackiest) ride at Zero Gravity. Participants are lifted 130 feet in the air and then dropped into a net.
  • Bungee Jumping- Participants take a head-first dive from a seven-story tower
  • Skycoaster- Up to three riders are harnessed together, lifted 100 feet in the air, and released into a free-fall drop.
  • Skyscraper- Sort of a Ferris wheel on steroids, this contraption whips riders up to 60 mph on a 165-foot arm and delivers up to 4Gs of force.
  • Texas Blastoff- A reverse bungee that shoots riders 150 straight up at 70 mph.

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