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Wild West World Theme Park


Special Note:

Wild West World opened in May 2007 and closed in July 2007. Its owners declared bankruptcy and were hoping to sell the park so that it could reopen. Those plans failed, however. The rides were sold to other parks.


Park City (near Wichita), Kansas

Admission Policy:

Pay-one-price general admission tickets allowed admission and unlimited use of rides and attractions. Reduced price for childre (48" and under) and seniors (65 and older). Children 2 and under were free. Parking was additional. Season passes were available.

Wild West World Highlights:

  • Spinning coaster
  • Log flume
  • Giant Ferris wheel


From Wichita: I-135N to 77th Street North Exit (Exit 16).

Wild West World Overview:

A modestly sized park, Wild West World offered rides and ambiance themed to the Old West (duh!). Instead of extravagant attractions along the lines of Disney's Big Thunder Mountain, Wild West World featured mostly off-the-shelf rides with a Wild West overlay.

At its opening in May 2007, the park did not have any major roller coasters (or other signature attractions). Wild West World promised a world-class coaster for its 2009 season, however, the park never made it past its first season. In addition to the rides, the park offered ambitious stage shows, and had a year-round schedule of shows at its Johnny Western Theatre.

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