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Waldameer offers the Giant Gondola Ferris wheel.

A classic amusement park that dates back to 1896, Waldameer is one of the few remaining trolley parks in the U.S. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, electric trolley companies often built amusement parks at the end of their lines to generate additional revenue. Waldameer is a free-admission, pay-per-ride park, also a rarity these days.

In 2008, the park evoked the memory of its circa-1922 coaster, Ravine Flyer, by unveiling the world-class Ravine Flyer II. The hybrid coaster, which cost $6 million, features a steel structure and wooden track. It uses its namesake ravine to drop 115 feet and reach a top speed of 57 mph. Other coasters include the junior woodie, Comet (which was built in 1951), and the spinning coaster, Steel Dragon. Ride fans sing the praises of Whacky Shack, Waldameer's classic dark ride. The park also offers the usual suspects such as spinning rides, a drop tower ride, and kiddie rides. Since admission is free, guests can enjoy Waldameer's shows for nada.

WaterWorld, Waldameer's water park, includes a couple of speed slides, enclosed body slides, a lazy river, a 2-person raft ride, a whirlpool sauna, and an area for younger guests.


Erie, Pennsylvania

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Admission Policy:

Waldameer is one of the few remaining free-admission parks. (Water World water park, however, does require an entrance fee.) Rides are individually priced and tickets can be purchased a la carte. Waldameer also offers pay-one-price options. Discounted prices are available for children (under 48 inches) and for arrival after 7 p.m. Combo rates for the amusement park and water park are available. Group rates are available. Parking is free.


The physical address is 220 Peninsula Drive

From Cleveland: I-90 E. Exit 18 to PA-832 N to park.

From Buffalo: I-90 W. Exit 24 to PUS-19 N/Peach St. Left onto PA-99 S to I-79 N. Merge onto US-20 W at Exit 182. Right onto PA-832 N to park.

From Pittsburgh: I-579 N to I-279 N to I-79 N. Merge onto US-20 W at Exit 182. Right onto PA-832 N to park.

New at Waldameer:

New for 2009
Mega Vortex- Disk-O spinning ride on a U-shaped coaster track.

New for 2008
Ravine Flyer II wooden coaster
A modern-day sequel of the classic Ravine Flyer, the hybrid ride uses a steel structure and a wood track to rise 80 feet and drop 119 feet at 60 degrees into its namesake ravine.

Waldameer Featured Attractions:

  • The highly regarded wooden coaster, Ravine Flyer II
  • The classic Whacky Shack dark ride
  • Lots of spinning rides
  • Water World water park has a decent amount of slides and attractions.

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