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Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Curse of DarKastle Busch Gardens picture

The ominous Curse of DarKastle ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Arthur Levine 2005. Licensed to About.com.


You have to hand it to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. With its rich themeing, stunning, award-winning landscaping (they don't call it Busch GARDENS for nothing), and superior food, it's a seasonal, more-or-less regional park that thinks it's a year-round destination park. And it doesn't skimp on its rides and attractions either.

Thrill-ride freaks love the place for its world-class coasters. And park fans of all thrill-tolerance levels love the park for its highly themed splashdown ride, its unique motion simulator presentation, its elaborate, Broadway-level shows, and other attractions that are more typically found at Disney and Universal parks.

Once called "The Olde Country" and "Busch Gardens Europe," the park uses European hamlets to great effect as both its theme and as inspiration for its way-above-average dining. Make sure you leave room for the mile-high desserts. With Colonial Williamsburg, Busch's wonderful water park, Water Country USA, and other nearby attractions, Busch Gardens can be the centerpiece of a great vacation.

Location and Phone:

Williamsburg, VA

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Admission Policy

Pay-one-price general admission. Special pricing for ages 3 to 9. Children 2 and under are admitted free. For a few extra dollars, Discovery tickets offer unlimited visits over a 7-day period. An upgraded Discovery pass include admission to Water Country USA water park. A Williamsburg Bounce Ticket includes unlimited admission to Busch Gardens, Water Country USA, and Colonial Williamsburg over a 7-day period. Buy direct from Busch Gardens, and see the park's latest offers.

Directions and Hotel Info:

From Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Chesapeake/Norfolk Int'l Airport Newport News/Hampton/NN/Williamsburg Int'l Airport
I-64 West to Exit 243A

From Richmond/Richmond Int'l Airport
I-64 East to Exit 243A

From Washington, DC
I-95 South to Richmond, VA
I-295 South
I-64 East to Exit 243A

Compare rates for Busch Gardens-area hotels at TripAdvisor.

Featured Attractions:

Wonderful coasters include Apollo's Chariot, an inspired and impossibly smooth hypercoaster, Griffon, the world's first floorless diving coaster, the inverted Alpengeist, The Big Bad Wolf, a suspended coaster, and the looping steel Loch Ness Monster coaster. Other highlights include the incredible Curse of DarKastle dark ride, the 4-D film, R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse, the highly themed Escape from Pompeii splashdown ride, and an impressive collection of stage shows.

Affiliated Water Park:

Water Country USA
Water Country USA requires a separate admission and is located a few miles away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

New at the Park:

New for 2012
Verbolten - Highly unique launched coaster/dark ride will have a first-in-the-world feature. Read more.

New for 2011
Mach Tower- The 246-foot tall spinning tower will highlight a revamp of the park's Oktoberfest village that will also include new restaurants, games, shows, and a beer garden.

New for 2010
Europe in the Air- A ride film that will send guests soarin' over landmarks of the continent. Also llumiNights, the park's first-ever nighttime spectacular debuts, a new Irish-themed musical production (the park's theatrical presentations are generally top-notch) opens, and a new extreme sports show, Ramp Jam will be presented.

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