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Splash Adventure


Splash Adventure

One of Splash Adventure's more thrilling rides is Acapulco Drop, a speed slide.

Splash Adventure.


First, a bit of history is in order. The theme park was originally known as Visionland, then Alabama Adventure (which included Splash Beach water park). In 2012, its owners ditched the amusement rides and the Visionland name and concentrated on the water park, which they renamed Splash Adventure. Got it?

The water park is fairly large and offers some marquee thrill rides, including UpSurge!, a half-pipe slide that sends riders in rafts careening back and forth. It also offers the "toilet bowl" ride, Splashdown, that sends passengers swirling around a bowl and flushes them into a splash pool. Aqua Course, as its name suggests, is an obstacle course with water-based fun.

The usual water park suspects, including a wave pool and lazy river are also available. Younger children will enjoy Salamander Bay, a water activity area, and Castaway Island, an interactive water play structure with a dump bucket.


Bessemer, Alabama




The park is located near Birmingham in Bessemer at Alabama Adventure Parkway. Take Exit 110 off I-459 at I-20 and I-59.

Ride Features:

The water park at Alabama Adventure includes a half-pipe slide, speed slide, bowl ride, water obstacle course, wave pool, body slides, tube slides, and an interactive water play structure.

New for 2012:

To help make the transition from Alabama Adventure to Splash Adventure, the park is adding new attractions, Aqua Course, a water-themed obstacle course in which participants will wear harnesses and cross zip lines and bridges as they tackle water elements, and Water Maze, a booby-trapped (with water gotchas) labyrinth.

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