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The Adventuredome at Circus Circus


The Adventuredome at Circus Circus

The Canyon Blaster coaster at The Adventuredome.

Jeremy Levine, 2004. Licensed to About.com.
With its big-top theme, free circus acts, huge midway, and humungous el cheapo buffet, Circus Circus has long been the family-friendly casino resort on Sin City's famed Strip. When it opened its Adventuredome indoor theme park in 1993, Las Vegas was in the midst of reaching out more to families. Opened around the same time, the MGM Grand Adventures theme park turned out to be not so grand, and closed a few years later. Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas dried up in 2004. By blatantly flaunting "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," the paean to peccadilloes has pretty much given up on marketing itself as a family vacation destination, but Circus Circus and the Adventuredome theme park remain as a family oasis in the neon-infused desert.

The park's garish pink dome, which sits behind the casino resort's towers, keeps patrons in climate-controlled comfort, even during Vegas' blazing-hot summers. The dome's colored glass casts a strange pink hue throughout the park.

The Adventuredome packs a fair amount of attractions into its 5-acre footprint. The highlight is the Canyon Blaster steel coaster. It will never be mistaken for one of the heart-stopping monsters at parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain, but for an indoor ride, the coaster performs admirably. It reaches a top speed of 41 mph and features a 66-foot drop, two inverting loops, and a double corkscrew. If you are interested in riding more rails, check out other Las Vegas roller coasters.

Other attractions include Lazer Tag, a 4-D theater, the Sling Shot freefall tower, Chaos (a whirl-and-hurl ride), bumper cars, and kiddie rides. The Adventuredome is not a full-day experience (plan on spending a couple of hours), but it can be a fun diversion from the casino action.

Location and Phone:

At the Circus Circus Hotel Casino on the Strip in Las Vegas, NV


Admission Policy:

Admission to the park is free. Individual ride tickets as well as pay-one-price all-day passes are available. Discount coupons are often available at Circus Circus and around the Strip.

Featured Attractions

The Canyon Blaster steel coaster, El Loco coaster, the SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D Ride, and the Sling Shot freefall tower ride.

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New for 2014:

El Loco
A new, compact coaster will replace the park's splashdown ride and will feature a wild, more-than-90-degree drop. The individual four-passenger cars will navigate tight turns and deliver some harrowing negative and positive g-forces.

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