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About Theme Parks' Ride Guide

What's New for the 2009 Season at N. American Parks: Arkansas to Massachusetts


About Theme Parks' Ride Guide

Pilgrim's Plunge at Indiana's Holiday World will send its 10-passenger boats down a record-breaking 131 foot drop.

Holiday World, 2008. Used with permission.
Updated February 04, 2010
With the stock market gyrating wildly, the economy taking a nosedive, and our rickety nerves taking a beating over the money woes, it's no wonder that pundits and headline writers often use roller coasters as an analogy for our troubled financial times. As the global economy goes on a roller coaster ride, how has it affected actual roller coasters? It turns out that, despite the troubling financial dips and turns, there will be quite a few new coasters--and other attractions--debuting at theme parks and amusement parks this season.

The guide is arranged alphabetically by U.S. state. Canada follows at the end. This page includes what's new for the 2009 season at theme parks in U.S. states from Arkansas to Massachusetts.

The next page includes what's new for the 2009 season at theme parks in U.S. states from Michigan to Ohio.

The third page includes what's new for the 2009 season at theme parks in U.S. states from Oklahoma to Washington plus Canada.


Alabama Adventure
Bessemer (near Birmingham)
UpSurge! The separate admission Splash Beach water park will get a new half pipe water slide.

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California Theme Parks 2009 Ride Guide
Despite the roller coaster economy, there'll be plenty of attractions debuting at California parks in 2009--including a roller coaster. Let's take a park-by-park look at all of the new fun, including Disneyland's What will you celebrate? event, Legoland's new 4-D attraction, Universal's campy new musical, and Six Flags Magic Mountain's new Terminator-themed coaster.


Elitch Gardens
Survivor: Live- Stage show
Interactive stage show based on the reality television program.

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Florida Theme Parks 2009 Ride Guide
The economy may be tanking, but that doesn't mean Florida theme parks will be keeping their wallets closed in 2009. Hoping to attract new and repeat visitors, even during difficult times, Florida parks are investing in their properties and will be debuting some impressive new features this season. The highlights include a couple of wild coasters and an attraction based on "American Idol."


Six Flags Over Georgia
Austell (near Atlanta), GA
Monster Mansion dark ride
While they boast incredible coasters, most of the Six Flags parks aren't generally renowned for their dark rides. Six Flags Over Georgia, with its Monster Plantation, however, is the exception. The classic ride gets an update and a new name for 2009. Like Disney's it's a small world and Pirates of the Caribbean, Monster Mansion will use boats to convey its passengers. Expect new characters, effects, and music to augment the ride's original gang of silly monsters.

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Six Flags Great America
Gurnee (near Chicago and Milwaukee), IL
Buccaneer Battle interactive ride
Passengers will board ships, take control of high-powered soaker guns, and shoot targets as well as onlookers and "pirates" aboard other ships.

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Holiday World
Santa Claus, Indiana
Pilgrims Plunge World's tallest water ride
The shoot-the-chutes attraction will take 10-passenger boats up a 135-foot hill using an elevator lift and drop them 131 feet at a 45-degree angle. The boats will reach a top speed of 50 mph and will create a cascade of water 90 feet wide and 45 feet tall. See the ride:

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Both of the state's parks, Joyland and Wild West World (which lasted less than one season), are closed. There are plans to try and reopen Wild West World, possibly this season.


Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Summer concert series
Tween stars such as Raven Symone and Miranda Cosgrove will be performing at the park.

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Six Flags New Orleans
New Orleans
The Katrina-damaged park will still remain closed this season.

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Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.
Wild Mouse family coaster
A new Wild Mouse replaces the park's junior coaster.

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Six Flags America
Mitchellville, MD (near Washington, D.C.)
While Six Flags had not released any info at the time I wrote this, apparently there may be something major planned for this season. Stay tuned!

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Six Flags New England
Agawam, MA (near Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT)
Bizarro coaster makeover of Superman: Ride of Steel

The thrill machine that gets my nod as the best steel coaster on the planet (Earth and Krypton), Superman will be even more super in 2009. According to Six Flags, the hypercoaster will offer onboard audio (which will surely be adrenaline-inducing music), fire burst effects, a new color scheme and theme, and rehabbed trains when it reopens this season. Superman already delivers two fog-filled underground tunnels to accompany its near-perfect medley of airtime-nirvana hills, helixes, and other coaster elements.

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