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What's New at Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, and Water Parks for 2006?

The Latest Water Park Buzz


What's New at Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, and Water Parks for 2006?

More Great Wolf Ldoge indoor water park resorts are on the way.

Great Wolf Lodge, 2005. Used with permission.

Search all North American Water Parks

The About Theme Parks 2006 Water Parks Ride Guide offers a comprehensive state-by-state (and Canada too) guide to all of the new funnel rides, bowl rides, FlowRider surfing rides, and other water attractions debuting at water parks for 2006. There's lots of exciting news to discover. Includes entire new outdoor and indoor water parks opening this year as well.

Six Flags Water Parks

Discover the new attractions coming to Six Flags for the 2006 season at the Six Flags 2006 Water Parks Ride Guide

Indoor Water Parks

The indoor water park explosion continues. New indoor water park resorts scheduled to open in 2006 include:

Existing Wisconsin Dells indoor water parks are expanding as well. Read more at the 2006 Water Parks Ride Guide

  • See a video preview of the water park expansion at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.

Water Park News Briefs

(These include all kinds of news, not just new attractions and developments for 2006.) Catch up on the world of water parks with a roundup of news briefs. Note that the links to online newspapers and other resources may be outdated and not work for older stories.

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