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New at Theme Parks for 2013

Ride Guide 2013


New at Theme Parks for 2013

The nighttime show, igNIGHT – Grand Finale, is on its way to Six Flags Great America in 2013.

Six Flags.
Wooden coasters that go upside down. Motion-simulated penguins. Larger-than-life robots duking it out. These are just some of the wacky new adventures you'll be able to experience at North American theme parks and amusement parks in 2013.

Universal Studios Florida will welcome the rock 'em, sock 'em robots from the popular toy and movie franchise to its new Transformers: The Ride-3D. The attraction has already been wowing audiences at Universal's parks in Hollywood and Singapore. Across town, SeaWorld Orlando will continue its ambitious expansion plans with a completely re-imagined Penguin exhibit.

Roller coaster designers continue to defy expectations with new and innovative concepts. In 2013, three old-school wooden coasters will be given the too-cool-for-school ability to send passengers upside down. While it's not the first time the feat has been tried (and it's best not to ask how things turned out for past attempts), ride wizards will be using three entirely new -- and different -- engineering methods to make the rides topsy-turvy. There will be plenty of other thrill machines opening as well, including a new "wing" coaster and the utterly unique Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain. That ride will include three launches and the world's tallest loop.

Enough with the blathering. Let's get to the rides. The Ride Guide is arranged alphabetically by U.S. state. Canada follows at the end.

  • This page includes what's new for the 2013 season at theme parks from Arkansas to Massachusetts.
  • The next page includes what's new for the 2013 season at theme parks from Michigan to Wisconsin plus Canada.


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Magic Springs
Hot Springs, AK
Water park expansion
The park's Crystal Falls will be getting some new attractions.


California Theme Parks 2013 Ride Guide
While it won't be as eventful as the previous year, in which Cars Land debuted at Disney California Adventure and Transformers opened at Universal Studios Hollywood, there will still be many exciting new developments including four new coasters.


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Lake Compounce
Bristol, CT
Crocodile Cove
The water park is set to expand again. Formerly known as Splash Harbor, it will also get a new name, Crocodile Cove.

Quassy Amusement Park
Middlebury, CT
Water park expansion
The park's Saturation Station will be getting a new bowl ride and other slides and attractions.


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Florida Theme Parks 2013 Ride Guide
In addition to Transformers at Universal Studios and the new penguin attraction at SeaWorld, you'll be able to discover the many New Fantasyland attractions that opened at Disney World's Magic Kingdom in late 2012.


Six Flags Over Georgia
Austell (near Atlanta), GA
As has been the case at other Six Flags locations, the Atlanta-area park will be getting its own tall swing ride. This one will be a scream-inducing 227 feet tall.

Wild Adventures
Valdosta, GA
Tail Spin and Wacky Wheels
The former will be a thrill ride in which a large spinning vehicle will navigate back and forth on a coaster-style track. The latter will be a tea cup-like ride for younger children.

Lake Winnepesaukah
Rossville, GA
New water park
The park with the funny name will be adding a small water park that will include a wave pool, lazy river, water slides, and more.

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Rossville, GA
New thrill ride
At the time this was written, the park hadn't revealed the full details, but had promised that something tall (102 feet) and that would send passengers upside down was on the way.


AZoosment Park at Santa's Village
East Dundee, IL
New roller coaster
The yet-to-be-named ride will likely be a junior coaster.

Six Flags Great America
Gurnee, IL
igNIGHT -- Grand Finale
A new nighttime show will incorporate fireworks, digital imagery projections, live performers, lasers, and more.

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Holiday World
Santa Claus, Indiana
Hyena Falls
The park's popular Splashin' Safari water park will get a new four-slide tower.

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Both of the state's parks, Joyland and Wild West World (which lasted less than one season), are closed.


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Six Flags America
Mitchellville, MD (near Washington, D.C.)
Bonzai Pipelines
Hurricane harbor, which is included with admission, will be getting six new water slides, each of which will include a launch chamber.

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Six Flags New England
Agawam, MA (near Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT)
Bonzai Pipelines
As with Six Flags America (above), the Massachusetts park's Hurricane Harbor will also be getting water slides with launch chambers.

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Next Page: The 2013 Season Ride Guide continues with parks from Michigan to Wisconsin plus Canada.

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