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New York Indoor Water Parks

Where to Find Water Park Resorts in the State


As in most other parts of the country, New York has hopped on the indoor water park bandwagon. The concept makes a great deal of sense, especially in a place where the weather can turn cold and nasty in the winter. (If you've survived a winter in or near Ithaca or Buffalo, you know what I mean.) Instead of heading off to a tropical clime, vacationers can opt for a considerably less costly tropical-ish trip to a nearby hotel, such as the following:

The Cascades, part of Hope Lake Lodge Resort at Greek Peak

Hope Lake Lodge.
Location: Cortland

With its downhill and cross-country skiing, Greek Peak embraces winter. But its indoor water park offers a great way to beat the cold, either as a supplement to a ski trip or as a destination in its own right. The water park also helps make the mountain resort a place to visit year-round.

Six Flags Great Escape Lodge

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Location: Queensbury (near Lake George)

Located across the street from The Great Escape, the lovely indoor water park and hotel could turn a one-day visit to the amusement park into a mini trip or it could provide an off-season excuse to put on your bathing suit and tackle some water slides. Be sure to give the wave-surfing ride a whirl if you go.

Aquazonia Indoor Waterworld at Glacier Lakes Resort

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Location: Farmington

How des a 70,000-square-foot park themed to a lost-world civilization plus a mansion-themed hotel sound? Pretty nifty, eh? There's one major problem, however: It hasn't been built -- and it may never get built. If it does, its developers say it would also offer a surfing attraction.

Maya Resort

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Location: Syracuse

This is another indoor water park project that never got off the ground and appears to be kaput. It, too, was supposed to have an intriguing theme (the Mayans) and was slated to get two surfing attractions.

More Ways to Get Wet

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