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Indiana Indoor Water Parks

Where to Find Hotels with Water Parks in the State


Moving water park fun indoors is a trend that started in Wisconsin Dells in the mid-1990s and quickly spread to other Midwest states, including Indiana. And for good reason.

Let's face it: It gets mighty cold in the state in the winter. But that doesn't mean that folks wouldn't want to don their bathing suite and hoot and holler as they careen down water slides. No matter the weather, here's where you can take a water park vacation.

Big Splash Adventure at Valley of the Springs Resort

Valley of the Springs Resort
Location: French Lick

The most distinctive feature of the water park is its all-glass exterior, which allows plenty of sunlight in year-round, and gives it an open feeling. Even better: Its glass roof is retractable and can open when the weather is hospitable.

Caribbean Cove

Caribbean Cove 2004. Used with permission.
Location: Indianapolis

Palm trees in Indiana? In February? Yup. Take a ride on the Jungle Rumble aqua whiz body slide. You have to love the name.

Splash Universe WanaWaves

Splash Universe.
Location: Shipshewana

It's relatively small, but still packs in water slides, a lazy river, and a water play structure with a dump bucket.

More Ways to Get Wet

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