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CoCo Key Water Resorts

Indoor Water Park Hotels


CoCo Key Water Resorts offers locations throughout the U.S. All of the CoCo Key properties offer a similar Key West theme along with indoor water park fun (although the one in Orlando offers an outdoor water park). The locations vary in size and amenities, but the water parks themselves are all about the same size and have similar slides and other attractions. Because the parks are not particularly large and lack most of the major rides found at bigger properties, they are suited more for families with younger children than thrill-seeking teens.

The following list of resorts are arranged alphabetically by U.S. state.

1. CoCo Key Water Resort Waterbury, CT

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About 25 minutes from Hartford in Waterbury, Connecticut, the CoCo Key Water Resort is located at the Holiday Inn.

2. CoCo Key Water Resort Orlando, FL

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Located in Orlando, Florida at the CoCo Key Hotel. Unlike the other resorts in the chain, the Orlando CoCo Key features an outdoor water park.

3. CoCo Key Water Resort at Clock Tower Rockford, IL

CoCo Key Water Resorts
Located at the Clock Tower Resort and Conference Center, the CoCo Key Water Resort is in Rockford, Illinois.

4. CoCo Key Water Resort Danvers, MA

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Located in Danvers, Massachusetts (19 miles north of Boston) at the DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore hotel.

5. CoCo Key Water Resort Kansas City, MO

CoCo Key Water Resorts.
Located in Kansas City, Missouri at the Holiday Inn Kansas City Sports Complex.

6. CoCo Key Water Resort Omaha, NE

CoCo Key Water Resorts.
Located in Omaha, Nebraska at the Holiday Inn Omaha Central.

7. CoCo Key Water Resort Mt. Laurel, NJ

CoCo Key Water Resorts Resorts.
Located in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey (near Philadelphia) at the Mt. Laurel Marriott.

8. CoCo Key Water Resort Cincinnati, OH

CoCo Key Water Resorts
Located in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Crowne Plaza.

9. CoCo Key Water Resort Columbus, OH

CoCo Key Water Resorts.
Located in Newark, Ohio (near Columbus) at the Cherry Valley Lodge.
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