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A Lotta Water: Where are the Largest Indoor Water Parks?


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Indoor Water Parks that Claim to Be the Largest
Fallsview in Niagara Falls claims to be the largest indoor water park in North America.

Hmm. Is Fallsview the BIGGEST indoor water park in North America?

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"North America's largest waterpark hotel." That's the claim made by Fallsview Indoor Water Park in Niagara Falls. Before it opened, Fallsview's developers said that it would be 90,000 square feet. As it was being built, its designers added a mezzanine and outdoor pool which brought the total up to 125,000 square feet.

Hang on a sec. On the previous page, I stated that the Kalahari Ohio's indoor waterpark is 173,000 square feet, and the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells offers a combined square footage of 240,000 square feet. So what gives? The Fallsview folks claim their complex includes 1200 affiliated hotel rooms, which is the most hotel rooms of any indoor water park resort. So, the park is not the largest in square footage (although it is quite large); it's the largest in terms of the number of hotel rooms. Whew! That's a stretch.

World Waterpark at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada is also larger than Fallsview, but it is not a "waterpark hotel." Note that despite its relatively large size, Fallsview doesn't have the number or variety of water attractions, nor the marquee slides and rides that indoor water parks of similar size offer.

Another park that has claimed, at least when I visited, to be "the biggest indoor water park in America" is the Water Park of America, near the Mall of America. At 70,000 square feet, the Minnesota park is certainly big, but it doesn't come close to approaching the size of some of the country's biggest indoor water parks. Say what?

Well, the centerpiece of the Water Park of America is its audacious 10-story tall water slide complex, the tallest of any indoor water park (and one of the tallest of any water park, outdoor or indoor). So, it's fair to say that it is the tallest indoor water park, but it's a leap to call it the "biggest."

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