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A Lotta Water: Where are the Largest Indoor Water Parks?


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North America's Largest Indoor Water Park
The largest indoor water park in North America is World Waterpark.

World Waterpark is, more or less, the largest indoor water park in North America.

West Edmonton Mall
Long before the hotels in Wisconsin Dells kicked off the indoor water park phenomenon and resorts started battling it our for bragging rights, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, a humongous ode to consumerism, opened its humongous World Waterpark. At 5 acres, or roughly 225,000 square feet, the mall's water park is larger than any other indoor water park in North America -- with the possible exception of the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells, which we will explore next.

World Waterpark is the largest indoor water park in the continent, by far, under one roof (more about that on the next page). Unlike all of the other parks included in this feature, however, it is not a water park resort. A standalone water park, it is one of the attractions at the West Edmonton Mall (which also includes Galaxyland, an indoor theme park). But the mall does offer some onsite hotels, so it could be argued that the mall itself is one giant resort.

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