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CoCo Key Clock Tower Rockford


CoCo Key Water Resorts

The CoCo Key Clock Tower Rockford includes the Parrot's Perch interactive water play station.

CoCo Key Water Resorts


CoCo Key Clock Tower is a medium-sized indoor water park. Like all of the CoCo Key parks, it offers a tropical Key West theme. It features two body slides, the Barracuda Blast 2-person raft slide, an adventure river, and an indoor/outdoor whirlpool spa.

It also offers the Parrot's Perch, an interactive play center with kid-sized slides, a tipping bucket, and the "Dip-In Theatre," a shallow pool with a never-ending display of movies and cartoons. Given all of the ambient noise and other commotion, it's a safe bet that nobody pays attention to the screen.

Larger water parks, such as the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, have more and more thrilling attractions such as water coasters and wave pools. Without the big ticket rides, the lower key CoCo Key is aimed more to families with young children.

The resort offers nearly 250 guest rooms, as well as a day spa, an arcade with redemption games, conference facilities, party rooms, a fitness room, and a restaurant.

If you want to compare resorts, there are other indoor water parks in Illinois in addition to CoCo Key. You can also find info about CoCo Key water parks other than the one in Rockford.




Rockford, Illinois
At the Clock Tower Resort and Conference Center

Indoor Water Park Square Footage:


Tickets and Admission Policy:

The water park is open to registered hotel guests (and included in the hotel fees), but the resort offers day passes to the general public based on availability. Check with the Clock Tower Resort.


The water park and resort is located off I-90 at the East State Street interchange in the northern Illinois town of Rockford.

Indoor Water Park Features:

Adventure river, body slides, raft slide, kiddie slides, indoor/outdoor whirlpool spa, activity pool, and interactive play structure with tipping bucket.

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