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Aquazonia Indoor Waterworld at Glacier Lakes Resort


Aquazonia Indoor Waterworld at Glacier Lakes Resort

Aquazonia will include a FlowRider surfing attraction.

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It's Not Open Yet!:

Note that construction of the Aquazonia Indoor Waterworld at Glacier Lakes Resort has been delayed for a number of years. Developers say that it will still open. The info below is based on plans for the resort.


Aquazonia Indoor Waterworld will be a large indoor water park with a "lost world civilization" theme. It will feature a generous array of attractions including a FlowRider surfing attraction, a family raft ride, a bowl ride, a lazy river, and a whirlpool spa. It will also offer an interactive play center with small slides and a tipping bucket.

In addition to the indoor water park, the Glacier Lakes Resort will include a main 175-room mansion-themed hotel along with a 100-room Hampton Suites hotel. Other features of the resort will include a conference center, a restaurant/retail/entertainment area, and a video arcade.




Farmington, New York. Near Rochester in the Finger Lakes area.

Indoor Water Park Square Footage:


Admission Policy:

The water park will be open to registered guests of the resort's two hotels, but it will offer day passes to the general public based on availability.

Indoor Water Park Features:

FlowRider surfing attraction, family raft ride, bowl ride, mat racing slide, lazy river, tube slides, body slides, interactive play structure with dump bucket, chidlren's activity pool, and whirlpool spa.

Other Water Park Info:

Want to learn more about the rides that will be coming to Aquazonia? The following are some reviews of similar attractions at other indoor water parks.


The Cyclone Bowl Ride

Family Raft Ride

Official Web Site:

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