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Walt Disney World 2008 Preview, including The Year of a Million Dreams, part II


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Maniacal New Ride
Toy Story Mania! at Walt Disney World picture
Disney 2007. Used with permission.
Disney's Hollywood Studios (the park that up until 2008 had been known as Disney-MGM Studios), will be sprinkling Pixar dust on the new Toy Story Mania!, based on the Disney-Pixar Toy Story films. The interactive 3-D ride will offer video game-style fun. It will use a carnival midway theme and will move guests through a series of 3-D-enhanced "game booths" where they will rack up points by using onboard toy cannon controllers. For example, guests will throw virtual darts at balloons in one scene; in another, they will toss softballs into milk cans. Characters from the films, such as Woody and the Little Green Men, will coach the players.

Toy Story Mania Preview

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